Horrible Bosses 2: What I Thought!

Horrible-Bosses-2-ReviewI wasn’t too intrigued when I’d seen the initial previews of Horrible Bosses, the reason being almost all of the comedy flicks shows the best in the trailers and the final film would be far less hilarious than the previews. Horrible Bosses was one of the few movies that truly surprised me with its chuckloads of humor, a star studded cast and a novel premise. It caught me off guard and plummeted me into an abyss of laughs and it was twice as funny as it was something that we all could relate to. I mean who hasn’t ever had at least one horrible boss in their lifetime.

Horrible Bosses 2 aint about bosses, well yeah technically the bosses from the first movie do make a cameo but its about the trio going against a business giant and his son and doing what they do best…fucking things up.

Jason Bateman the seemingly sensible of the trio does a decent job. I wasn’t a fan of Bateman up until recently. And No, I haven’t watched Arrested Development, but his movies always promised some chuckles for sure. Charlie Day and Jason Sudekis’ Dale and Stewart seemed much more moronic than the first movie. Once again, its something that I’d noticed in sequels…take Hangover 2 for example, while Zack Galifinkias seemed innocently naive in the first movie he was reduced to a retard in the second and third. Dale and Stewart’s case weren’t far behind. Were they funny being so? Yes, but at the cost of losing their personalities from the first movie. Yet, the trio works and chemistry is spot on. Chris Pine was devilishly malicious and also comes off a wee bit too irksome. Christopher Waltz role had so much more potential but was unforgivably under utilized. Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey makes a comeback as well and it was barely noteworthy. Jamie Foxx’s Motherfucker Jones also makes a fairly relevant cameo

Although critically panned for its sexual and racist jokes, I still found Horrible Bosses 2 chuckleworthy. It does its job well although not exceedingly so. If Horrible Bosses was hilarious, the sequel at least tries to bring something more to the plate than attempt to do a 22 Jump Street and fail miserably at it. And for that humble gesture alone, I give Horrible Bosses 2 a thumbs up.


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