The Incredibles 2: The Name Still Says It All


14 Years. Highly Anticipated Sequel…yada yada…. You know the drill.
For me, Incredibles was by far the best movie Pixar ever made. I am sorry Toy Story & Ratatouille, Incredibles definitely takes the throne here. Every movie Pixar made after Incredibles I kept asking “Wait….where’s Incredibles 2? Who asked for Cars 2? Didn’t we get enough closure with Toy Story 2? And lastly who in the right mind wanted Cars 3?” Almost a decade and a half later we finally get a sequel and does it live up to a decade worth anticipation? Continue reading The Incredibles 2: The Name Still Says It All


Unsane: A Soderberghian Thriller


Say what you will but Steven Soderbergh is a phenomenal director and like any director, he’s had his fair share of hits and misses. After a short break, Soderbergh follows up his comedy-drama, Logan Lucky, with a psychological thriller: Unsane. Unsane is the story of Sawyer Valentini, a victim of a bad case of stalking, who inadvertently signs herself into a mental institution and amidst her helplessness and her greatest fears coming true, what follows is a question that lingers throughout the movie: Is she really insane? Continue reading Unsane: A Soderberghian Thriller

A Quiet Place: A Genuinely Disquieting Experience


A Quiet Place, directed by John Krasinski, is one of the most effective horror movies in recent times. It’s a breath of fresh air amidst a genre populated by a slew of disappointments like Insidious The Last Key and the overrated Veronica. A Quiet Place is not exactly what you might expect from an ex-The Office actor and it surprises the bejesus outta you and how. I guess comedy actors turned good horror movie directors are all the jazz these days. Continue reading A Quiet Place: A Genuinely Disquieting Experience

Ready Player One: pwnd

Ready Player One Review

Ready Player One directed by Steven Spielberg is based on Ernest Cline’s ‘Holy Grail of Pop Culture’ of the same name and it rather borrows a large chunk of the concept from the book than adapt it word by word to the big screen. Having read the book it feels taboo to compare the book with the movie. My only regret is, like most book-to-movie adaptation, the movie had to be watered down to be contained into 120 minutes thereby diluting a lot of plot. Spielberg clearly has taken the creative liberty in adapting the book to a more contemporary audience. Of course, he generously pays homage to major pop culture references from the book, but he has added a lot too. Read on to find out if its worth your time, virtual or not. Continue reading Ready Player One: pwnd

Wonder Woman Review: “Let’s Trash DC”


“I know it’s a misleading title but hold your horses if you’re a DC fanboy and want to rain down upon me a slew of abuses. Hear me out first.”

Oh DCEU, you keep churning out mediocre movies and boast of box office returns as a reason to shove down more mediocrity down our throats. Although I loved Man Of Steel (coz I am sucker for Supes) we need to digest the fact that mediocrity in movies and encouraging and supporting them has only made DCEU to not push any envelope. Its no news that Marvel, despite their kiddy-friendly, formulaic movies, is at the top of their game and catching up to them is a feat for DC. If they really want to do that they would have to invest time in fleshing out characters in solo movies than dump a ton in one movie trying to get ahead of the race. Continue reading Wonder Woman Review: “Let’s Trash DC”

Revisiting: LOGAN


It has been 17 years since the first X-Men movie where we were introduced to Logan aka Wolverine. We’ve seen him in an endless torrent of sequels that has delighted fans but led to a weakness: even the best of these films lacks any real tension because audiences know these are after all superhero movies and their ending would rather be ‘happy’ than grim and that these movies aren’t really going to end as long as they are gonna make money. Fortunately, Logan breaks this trend and makes it easier to accept that things can go awry, even for superheroes. It’s a superhero movie that has the balls to let it go and to end it all.

SPOILERS AHEAD! Continue reading Revisiting: LOGAN

John Wick Chapter 2: Wild Wild Wick

John Wick Chapter 2 Review

If there ever was a great videogame movie, it’d be John Wick. Its everything a gamer would love in a movie: a paper-thin plot where you don’t have to exert your brain, a motive to kick ass and then kick ass like there’s no tomorrow; all leading to a satisfying conclusion. John Wick did just that and excelled at it. Its not everyday you get to see a man hell bent on seeking revenge coz someone killed his dog. In a day and age where audiences are slapped and saturated with a superhero movie almost every second month, the directors had also crafted an enjoyable action flick. Continue reading John Wick Chapter 2: Wild Wild Wick