Word Lens: Wow!

Word Lens Review

I don’t typically cover Apps, why? Coz of the obvious reason: There are millions out there but once in a while there’d be an app that makes it impossible to be ignored. Today I am going to yap away about one such app.

Remember when your uncle brought  you that awesome new camcorder from abroad and you’d have no clue as to how to operate it or to read that French manual that came with it? Remember how you’d try desperately try to pronounce and make sense of the those seemingly weird words? I know those days are long gone and most of you might even know the ‘La’ and ‘Le’ of French but for the unfortunate ones, worry not, Word Lens comes to the rescue. Word Lens from developers Quest Visual is a real time translation app that uses your phone’s camera to translate Spanish, English and other languages on the fly. It has been out for a while and now Google has acquired Quest Visual and made Word Lens free. And believe me it works like a charm. All you have to do is open the app, select the Language you want to translate, point it against the text and there you go. The text gets translated on your mobile screen and even without an internet connection! Continue reading Word Lens: Wow!


Nexus 7: What I Thought!

I am aware that its been over a month that I’d not written anything. Been busy lately and for good reason too. 10 days back I got my hands on Nexus 7. And a ‘hands-on’ is never justified unless over a period of time. I mean you see reviews of a gadget the next day of its release and you just cant be sure of its efficiency or its durability next day after its release…can you? Now I am not saying I performed a drop test on my Nexus 7. But nonetheless 10 days is helluva lot time to know a gadget, its core potential and its incompetencies. Anyways let’s get in there.

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Windows 8: First Preview

Microsoft’s New Windows 8 supports touchscreens! I understand the addition/universalisation what with all the increasing number of touchscreen tablets and devices coming up but maybe now they want us to buy touchscreen monitors for our PCs or better still..maybe the ‘MICROSOFT SURFACE’!

“Design IS Beautiful” he says…let me add to that..”but for a Mobile device ie”.

Yes it exactly looks like the Metro/Mango and Design and UI for a PC could be much more attractive and functional than blocks of different colors.

Windows 8 means that ‘gone are the days of wireless mouse and keyboard’… I mean u have to sit at arms length in front of ur monitor to operate it? Yes there is a keyboard and mouse support…THANK GAWD! But still what where they thinking making an OS ‘touch based’? Do all of us have to get ‘KINECT’ now?

Oh btw they are referring to Softwares as APPS now!

I get the subtle and simple designs and icons but did anybody notice that “APP” icons are just symbols and not even the least bit ‘designed’ attractively? (especially the ones on the Media Player!)

All said, done and anathematized…I am still gonna get my hands on Win8 when its out and possibly a touchscreen monitor when its easy on my pockets (or when its even commercial ie) 😛

Comments/Arguments/More Curses are welcome!