Exodus Gods And Kings: What I Thought!


Agreed Ridley Scott is an accomplished director but to have delivered mediocre movies since, say 2005, isn’t such a good sign. I am a huge fan of his Blade Runner and Alien but my confidence in the director has been steadily diminishing since Kingdom Of Heaven. The only saving grace was with the ill received Prometheus, I loved it and it was due to my affinity towards the Alien mythos that I’d accepted it.

Exodus Gods and Kings is a biblical drama directed by Ridley Scott which tells or rather ‘retells’ the story of Moses and how he became THE Moses and the power struggles that ensues between him, Rhamses and ofcourse, God. Visually striking yet bringing nothing else to the table, it felt tedious to sit through its 150 minutes of runtime. It aims high to be called a as an ‘Epic’ but its as empty as its CGI heavy Egypt. The narrative had been altered a bit so that it can be tagged a ‘retelling’ than a ‘rehash’ but still there wasn’t much that intrigued me. The previews had been a visual extravaganza and thats exactly what you get served here. Then again, mere eye candy doesn’t essentially make a good movie even if it had shining bright stars.

Christian Bale somewhat brings justice to his Moses. Initially skeptical about religions and unsympathetic towards Hebrews, Bale brings his own version of Moses to the platter. He does deserve a thumbs up carrying the movie on his sole shoulders. Rhamses played by Joel Edgerton was by far the most disappointing thing ever. I wasn’t much concerned about the racism issues that the movie had brought forth during filming but it was far too evident in the cast here. Most actors just didn’t have anything to do, Sigourney Weaver, one of Scott’s favorite, had barely about 2-5 minutes of screentime and lesser lines. Aaron Paul was reduced to look like a mute throughout the movie. Golshifteh Farahani plays Rhamses’ wife Nefertari and its sad to see such a skilled actress given almost nothing to do. Oh and there is a God who speaks in a spotless English accent.

After the star studded The Counsellor this is just another miss from Ridley Scott and my interest for his movies is waning and I suggest you give this a miss as well. Wonder how a director who’d given us Blade Runner, Alien and Gladiator could falter so. If you are still feeling skeptic do go and keep your expectations low and enjoy the visuals there is hardly anything else I can recommend here.


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