The Ritual: Chills, Cults & Creeps


Sometimes it pays to pick a random movie and just watch it. No trailers, no synopsis, nothing. The Ritual popped up sometime in February 2018 on Netflix and I didn’t even know that it was horror. Who am I kidding right? Yes, of course, the name screamed ‘horror’ but then again these it could’ve turned out to be drama or thriller these days. Its been long since we’ve had a decent British Horror movie and the recent ones kept walking that not so fine line between horror and the black comedy. What was the last good one, The Descent? 28 Days Later? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Continue reading The Ritual: Chills, Cults & Creeps


Unsane: A Soderberghian Thriller


Say what you will but Steven Soderbergh is a phenomenal director and like any director, he’s had his fair share of hits and misses. After a short break, Soderbergh follows up his comedy-drama, Logan Lucky, with a psychological thriller: Unsane. Unsane is the story of Sawyer Valentini, a victim of a bad case of stalking, who┬áinadvertently signs herself into a mental institution and amidst her helplessness and her greatest fears coming true, what follows is a question that lingers throughout the movie: Is she really insane? Continue reading Unsane: A Soderberghian Thriller