Oru Vadakkan Selfie: What I Thought!

Oru Vadakkan Selfie Review

I was in as soon as I heard the line “ഞാൻ തലശേരിന്നു വരുവാ  സാറിനെ കാണാൻ ” (I am coming from Thalassery to meet sir) in the preview of Oru Vadakkan Selfie. There’s every damn reason that draws me to my hometown, from the slang to watch familiar places on screen. The same thing which drew me as well as other North Malabarians for Thattathin Marayath. While I knew Oru Vadakkan Selfie wasnt gonna break any new grounds, I was sure that it’d be entertaining. Continue reading Oru Vadakkan Selfie: What I Thought!


Munnariyippu: What I Thought!

Munnariyippu Review

“This movie isn’t for everyone!” a line that I have used time and again and while it may sound like an easy bail for a movie that I’d enjoyed yet can’t recommend others, I can’t emphasize the line enough here for one of the best Malayalam movies this year. Munnariyippu starring Mammootty and Aparna Gopinath, isn’t going to turn a lot of heads or be discussed among the casual movie-goers. But it was able to etch its impressions in my head and invoke a multitude of emotions, from sheer helplessness to supreme fear, and ending in being haunted even after the credits had rolled in. If you find yourself as immersed as myself in this movie, you are warned and assured you will go through similar range of ires as well. Continue reading Munnariyippu: What I Thought!

Bangalore Days

Bangalore-DaysWith the Drishyam wave slowly fading, there definitely comes a niche that needs to be filled in. I tried my luck with 7th Day and One By Two but was sorely disappointed. Moreover I have been longing for a feel good Malayalam movie ever since 2012. The last one I’d cherished so much was Ustad Hotel and the same guys have come up with a movie that deserves much more than an applause. Continue reading Bangalore Days

North 24 Kaatham: What I Thought!

North-24-Kaatham1Released in September this year, I’d been hearing a lot of good reviews about North 24 Kaatham, but I couldn’t catch it at the movies and I woefully regret it now. North 24 Kaatham is indeed a casual watch with not the thickest of storyline or the best of direction but for what its worth it bring out a warm feeling from within. I loved it and I have to shout how good it is, period! Continue reading North 24 Kaatham: What I Thought!

Thira: What I Thought!


In a day and age where domestic violence and violence against women are at large and far-flung, topics like rape, assault and sex trafficking are still considered to be a taboo onscreen. Agreed, its a sensitive topic to be visually presented but its high time that the mold be broken, especially in Malayalam cinema. Pardon, my knowledge regarding Malayalam movies tackling similar topics, but I found it amusing that Thira handled the genre pretty well. Continue reading Thira: What I Thought!

Memories: What I Thought!


Memories, is a noteworthy movie that comes from Jeethu Joseph who previously gave us the mediocre yet entertaining My Boss, Mummy & Me and Detective. It was quite unexpected for me that he’s come up with a movie with such a gripping and entertaining plot. I mean I knew he had skills, evident from his other movies, but Memories turned out to be quite a welcome change from his recent flicks. Continue reading Memories: What I Thought!

Neram: What I Thought!


As kibitzed in my previous articles, Malayalam cinema is taking a step forward from those old days when it was saturated with family dramas and mushy love. While we’ve seen some great examples of Modern Malayalam movies in the past 2 years, Neram (Time) clearly ain’t one of them. Continue reading Neram: What I Thought!