The Interview: What I Thought!

The Interview Review

When I first saw the previews of The Interview I thought it was a Saturday Night Live skit. It did look awfully so due to the color tone, the actor duo and most of all the theme. I mean a movie about the assassination of the ‘supreme leader’ of North Korea? What were they thinking not expecting a backlash? Anyhow after the Sony leaks and the ruckus the Guardians Of Peace had made, Sony has released the movie on VOD and in select theaters. I am someone with simple tastes and can enjoy a Seth Rogen, James Franco bromedy just fine, just like Pineapple Express. I was also hooked the moment I saw the leaked clip that showed the finale but more on that later.

The Interview stars James Franco and Seth Rogen as a TV show host and producer duo who gets a chance to interview none other than Kim Jong Un. Close on heels comes the CIA and asks them to assassinate him. With no other choice the movie follows our doomed heroes’ visit to North Korea and their misadventures that ensues. The Interview is nothing to write home about and its exactly what you can expect from an Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen movie. Loads of dick jokes, moronic wordplay and an absolutely bonkers story line. If you loved movies like Pineapple Express and This Is The End then you’d be right at home else you can give this a pass. Even then, The Interview doesn’t even come close to the aforementioned movies due to its paper-thin writing and its lack of great laughs.

The Interview does have its moments though and most of them taking a jab at Kim Jong Un. It made me chuckle here and there and for what its worth, I’d tag it as ‘entertaining’. Franco and Rogen’s chemistry is what kept the movie alive and just like Pineapple Express, the duo promises some good laughs. Individually though, Franco seemed trying hard to be gullible and Rogen felt a lot tamed. Randall Park’s made for a serviceable Kim Jong Un and Lizzy Caplan looked oh so damn hot as Agent Lacey.

What I still find bewildering is why all the hack and ruckus happened. Come to think of it, its a stupidly entertaining movie and it should have been taken just so. It does have an exaggerated take on the country’s totalitarian government and economy but its hardly a reason for a call to arms. I did like the movie but there was a time when I so so desperately wanted to watch and fall in love with it. But after I was done watching it, I felt a little unsatiated, like a meal half-eaten, I guess I expected a bit too much. All this makes me wonder if it was one of the biggest marketing ploy Sony unleashed on us, a thought summed up beautifully in this article. What I did love was the finale, it just gave me endless goosebumps. The scene which leaked prior to the release featured Katy Perry’s Fireworks track and I forgot how many times I kept looping the scene just to listen to it. The track is a Fireworks cover by Jenny Lane and it goes perfectly in sync with the visuals. All said, I quote again, watch The Interview as casual as possible, don’t expect too much and it just might surprise you.


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