The Last Of Us: Left Behind

Left-Behind-ReviewIn the final moments of The Last Of Us, a seemingly relieved and heaving Joel tells an oblivious Ellie that they’d found The Fireflies and there were others, immune, like her. That they’ve stopped looking for a cure, followed by a short ‘Sorry’. Ellie just silently listens and later she tells Joel “Back in Boston, Back when I was bitten. I wasnt Alone. My best friend was there. And she got bit too.” Continue reading The Last Of Us: Left Behind


A Look Back: The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us 2Naughty Dog studios have always been on the forefront of Gaming. While the studio’s initial Crash Bandicoot was enjoyable and immensely fun, it wasn’t something I direly wanted to play or loved. Well it wasn’t until Jak & Daxter came into play that Naughty Dog studios took its limelight and known to be one of the studios to watch out for. And it did happen soon after Jak 3 and Jak X Combat Racing and following Sony’s new flagship console, Playstation 3’s release, they came out with the ‘killer app’ for the console ‘Uncharted‘. On the surface it looked like Tomb Raider with a male protagonist but the more you play the more you start appreciating its gameplay mechanics, its well written characters and story. Naughty Dog’s games were being hailed both for its story and its cinematic gameplay. And in no time the studio started churning out Playstation exclusives while PC and Xbox owners could do nothing but drool.

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The Best of OST 2013

OST 2013

I am an avid fan of musical scores and soundtracks as much as I am a fanatic of movies and stand firm by the faith that a good musical score kinda redeems the movie to a fair degree. Movies are all about the audio-visual experience so if a good score can instill emotions in you, even if the movie as a whole could be considered garbage, its a winner. 2013 has been a wonderful year for the movies and the same goes for the soundtracks it featured. This year’s movies were charged with musical scores from composers high and low, old and new, and it was hard to make a list of the best OST/Score as it was saturated with music so good. Continue reading The Best of OST 2013

Journey: The One you Must Take!


“I woke up as a hooded traveler, alone, in the scorching desert. I didn’t have a clue as to what I had to do. There was a mountain looming in the backdrop. My patience started wearing out as I tardily moved towards the point of interest, feeling the sand with each step I took. I took the dry desert in and I could feel my throat getting parched. I was not used to this. As alone as ever I walked through what looked like stone-posts, I sand-surfed to old ruins seeking for something, anything! Continue reading Journey: The One you Must Take!