Big Hero 6: What I Thought!


There’s something about animated shorts that makes you (or at least me) feel a lump in your throat. They did it with Paperman… They’d done it with Blue Umbrella and now they’ve done it with Feast. Feast is an animated short played just before Big Hero 6 and its just beautiful. So do make sure you reach the movies on time. Continue reading

Interstellar: What I Thought!


Christopher Nolan is undoubtedly one of the best directors in the industry now. While there are some skeptics who’d disagree with me he does know how to craft a great movie be it drama, a thriller or revamping the superhero genre. Christopher Nolan’s 9th movie Interstellar, had been already soaring sky high with anticipation and excitement and it does deliver…to a certain extend. Its hard to critique a movie thats complex without letting a bit of spoilers and believe me you are better off with knowing the least of Interstellar’s story.

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Gone Girl: What I Thought!

Gone Girl Review

I’d started reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl a few months back and a few chapters in, I thought to myself “Know what? I’d give Fincher a chance with this one and then I’ll finish reading!” Since then I’d been patiently waiting for Gone Girl‘s release. I was excited what with Fincher being one of my favorite directors. The previews didn’t tell much but still had that eerie touch to it that kept me waiting. Finally, yesterday I got to watch Gone Girl and without further ado I’d like to add that it was without doubt one of the best movies I’d seen this year.

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Horns: What I Thought!

Horns Review

Directed by Alexandre Aja, Horns stars Daniel Radcliffe in yet another non-Harry Potter movie. Adapted from Joe Hill’s novel of the same name, Horns tells the story of Ig Perish, grief stricken and blamed for his girlfriend’s death, he wakes up one day to find two horn like protrusions growing on his head which gives him the power to extort the deepest and darkest secrets of the people he comes in contact with. Continue reading

The ABCs of Death 2: What I Thought!


Its Halloween season and if you’d ‘accidentally’ watched The ABCs of Death then you’ll know what’s in store for you here. The ABCs of Death 2 is an anthology of 26 shorts from 26 Directors, each given a letter of the alphabet as inspiration for a short film involving death. I wouldn’t lie, the first was a mixed bag and its hard to concise the best ones from the worst as it was mostly overshadowed by the latter. Frankly, its a slew of shorts from directors whose visions range from smart and wicked to disturbing and outright disgusting. The ABCs Of Death 2 follows the same premise and has equal number of shorts that’d make you cringe as well as applaud to some. Make sure you have the stomach to sit through 26 shorts with chuck loads of flesh, blood, all kinda bodily fluids and an audacious amounts of gore. I am just gonna chop through the shorts A to Z and give an idea of which ones I liked, the ones that repulsed me and the ones that was not even worth the time writing these. Continue reading

Automata: What I Thought!

Automata Review

Automata had oodles of promise in its first trailer. Just one preview was enough to draw the crowds to watch this movie. Set in a post apocalyptic world and Antonio Banderas in the lead, Automata tells the story of an insurance agent investigating the robots or Automatas that populates the city that alters itself, which by the way happens to be a direct violation of their own cognitive laws. Continue reading

Wetlands: What I Thought!

Wetlands Review

There is nothing that could concise David Wnendt’s Feuchtgebiete aka Wetlands in a single word. Well if one’s given the liberty to express what they’d seen or rather witnessed in a plethora of words, it’d most likely be something close to obscene, disgusting, repulsive and most of all shocking. If you’ve seen its red band previews, you can figure out instantly whether the movie is for you or not. On the other hand if you thought this’d be a usual sex-comedy with some gross factor, believe me when I tell ya what you saw in the preview is nothing compared to the movie. Nothing will prepare you for Wetlands‘ odd 105 minutes. Continue reading