The ABCs of Death 2: What I Thought!


Its Halloween season and if you’d ‘accidentally’ watched The ABCs of Death then you’ll know what’s in store for you here. The ABCs of Death 2 is an anthology of 26 shorts from 26 Directors, each given a letter of the alphabet as inspiration for a short film involving death. I wouldn’t lie, the first was a mixed bag and its hard to concise the best ones from the worst as it was mostly overshadowed by the latter. Frankly, its a slew of shorts from directors whose visions range from smart and wicked to disturbing and outright disgusting. The ABCs Of Death 2 follows the same premise and has equal number of shorts that’d make you cringe as well as applaud to some. Make sure you have the stomach to sit through 26 shorts with chuck loads of flesh, blood, all kinda bodily fluids and an audacious amounts of gore. I am just gonna chop through the shorts A to Z and give an idea of which ones I liked, the ones that repulsed me and the ones that was not even worth the time writing these. Continue reading

Automata: What I Thought!

Automata Review

Automata had oodles of promise in its first trailer. Just one preview was enough to draw the crowds to watch this movie. Set in a post apocalyptic world and Antonio Banderas in the lead, Automata tells the story of an insurance agent investigating the robots or Automatas that populates the city that alters itself, which by the way happens to be a direct violation of their own cognitive laws. Continue reading

Wetlands: What I Thought!

Wetlands Review

There is nothing that could concise David Wnendt’s Feuchtgebiete aka Wetlands in a single word. Well if one’s given the liberty to express what they’d seen or rather witnessed in a plethora of words, it’d most likely be something close to obscene, disgusting, repulsive and most of all shocking. If you’ve seen its red band previews, you can figure out instantly whether the movie is for you or not. On the other hand if you thought this’d be a usual sex-comedy with some gross factor, believe me when I tell ya what you saw in the preview is nothing compared to the movie. Nothing will prepare you for Wetlands‘ odd 105 minutes. Continue reading

Honeymoon: What I Thought!


Indies had always come up some cult horror movies, be it The Blair Witch Project or the very first Paranormal Activity it always garnered enough attention despite their minimal budget and often lesser-known actors. Martyrs, Monsters, V/H/S, the list of remarkable indie horror could go on and on. Touted as what could be one of the noteworthy horror movies this year, Honeymoon had turned enough heads, mine included, with its eerie trailer. I’d seen it previewed in almost all sites that featured Horror movies and it was intriguing enough. Continue reading

Under The Skin: What I Thought!


I am not familiar with a lot of Jonathan Glazer’s work. The only one that I’d seen was Birth and frankly, at the time, I wasn’t quite pleased with it. Like they say about wine, it might get better after a few viewings. But the thing about Birth was that it felt commercial and I found nothing in the movie that I could connect to. Coming to the movie in discussion here, Under The Skin packs almost everything I love and yes that initially included a Scarlett Johansson going full frontal. I wouldn’t lie, I saw this movie after watching and being teased by the dozen bootleg clips and trailers that had come out prior to the movie. Call me a pervert but its not everyday you get to see Scarlett Johansson so. But on the contrary I was intrigued by the fact that this movie was raking in good reviews as well. Continue reading

Sin City A Dame To Kill For: What I Thought!



Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City was one of my favorite movies at the time (2005) and still remains so. The first thing that comes into my mind when I think of it is “SLICK”, its smooth and a pleasure to look at and at its core its the brilliant graphic novel by Frank Miller. Rodriguez used the graphics novel panels for the storyboards and it works like a charm. Frank Miller’s graphic novel in itself is a piece of fine art and its movie counterpart, a commendable and striking neo-noir visual extravaganza that told its story through gritty visuals, a ton of monologues, sex and violence, extraordinaire. I was hooked the instant I’d seen the Sin City preview with The Servant’s Cells track, on many levels it was one of the best trailers I’d ever seen.

Continue reading

Munnariyippu: What I Thought!

Munnariyippu Review

“This movie isn’t for everyone!” a line that I have used time and again and while it may sound like an easy bail for a movie that I’d enjoyed yet can’t recommend others, I can’t emphasize the line enough here for one of the best Malayalam movies this year. Munnariyippu starring Mammootty and Aparna Gopinath, isn’t going to turn a lot of heads or be discussed among the casual movie-goers. But it was able to etch its impressions in my head and invoke a multitude of emotions, from sheer helplessness to supreme fear, and ending in being haunted even after the credits had rolled in. If you find yourself as immersed as myself in this movie, you are warned and assured you will go through similar range of ires as well. Continue reading