Captain America The Winter Soldier: What I Thought!

Captain America The Winter Soldier ReviewIt has been 6 years since Iron Man hit the screens and since then Marvel Studios has been building one of the richest universes in movie history. The movies are well planned and the characters gets processed through their cycles, from cameos to full fledged roles in succeeding movies. It has worked out well for them as well as the audiences as there was not one movie unworthy of mention. They’ve also made it so that its impossible to skip one movie outta the franchise. While some of the standalone movies did have its flaws it was could be easily overlooked as it contributed to the Phase One finale, The Avengers. While I wasn’t a huge fan of Captain America The First Avenger, I still thought it was a well made movie having done the origins story right. Obviously second to Iron Man and a notch above Thor, Captain America being set in the early 40s told the story of Steve Rogers, a petite kid to came to be the first Avenger, Captain America.

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Noah: What I Thought!

Noah-ReviewThere are some movies that sticks with you for a long long time, twisting and turning your perspectives of the real life, even resorting to them for the unanswered questions life throws at you. For now, two movies adheres to me, David Fincher’s Fight Club and Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain. Two of the most influential and inspiring movies of our times, panned by the critics upon release and shot to cultdom post home-video release. Of the lot Fight Club would appeal to a more casual audience, thanks to Brad Pitt’s chiseled looks and its rebellious narrative, Fight Club does wonders to a semi-insurgent. But The Fountain is a whole different ball game and you can read more of it here. I wouldn’t call it an easy watch and definitely not Darren Aronofsky’s masterpiece, its glimmer only appeals to the ones that truly seek them. Continue reading

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Sabotage: What I Thought!


David Ayer’s fascination with corrupt cops has given us some nifty cop dramas. Writer of The Training Day and director of the under-rated Street Kings and the brilliant End Of Watch, he’s had firm footing in the industry for quite some time now. I had high hopes for Sabotage especially when I’d loved Ayer’s End of Watch. The potential with a star studded cast like that of Sabotage’s was enormous. But this movie aims to bring the former Governor back to action-dom and to less cheesier one at that. Despite its hype, its agreeable that The Escape Plan didn’t work out well for both Arnold or Stallone much and the same goes for Arnie’s own The Last Stand. Continue reading

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Ernest et Célestine: What I Thought!


Move over Pixar and Disney, your monopoly be damned. Although I do like some of the Pixar/Dinsey animated movies, it was always the French animated movies that I adored. It was always amusing and entertaining and often adhering to real life nuances than go all aboard with fantasy. From L’illusioniste to Persepolis, the craftsmanship and quality that goes into these movies are impeccable. Often manually animated than using CG, the smooth animation is just mesmerizing, furthermore the narrative and the characters rivets you to your seats. Although these movies might not garner as much attention as an over-rated Hollywood production, they’ve always been highly refined, immensely engrossing. Continue reading

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Thief: What I Thought!

Thief ReviewOnce upon a time, when names like Splinter Cell and Mark Of The Ninja were never heard of, Eidos Interactive’s Thief franchise was considered to be best in stealth genre. Most of the ardent fans would argue that Thief is still the best in stealth. While the current stealth genre is saturated with games that’s made accessible to a wider audience, Thief was both brilliant and exemptionally unforgiving when it came to stealth. The gameplay mechanics it had introduced then, were never seen before and it managed to garner a cult following throughout its sequels, Thief II and Thief Deadly Shadows. Huge emphasis was given for sound, and players had to be extremely careful how they choose to move in the game. Thief franchise followed the adventures of the main protagonist, Garrett. Continue reading

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Nymphomaniac: What I Thought!

Nymphomaniac Review
Lars Von Trier’s Depression trilogy started off with Antichrist, then Melancholia and now it comes full circle with this 4 hour, 2 part sex epic Nymphomaniac. Greeted with a whiff of silence and expatiated sounds and then blasting it off with Rammstein’s Fuhre Mich Lar’s Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac is exactly how it goes. Unlike Antichrist, Nymphomaniac is an ode to sex addiction, a poetry in motion that explores the verges of sensuality, vulgarity and intense libido of a woman from her early days to her prime. An anthology of sexually graphic stories that also does the job of mesmerizing you in its characters and its narrative. Continue reading

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300 Rise of An Empire: What I Thought!

300 Rise of An Empire ReviewZack Snyder’s 2006 fantasy action film 300 set a milestone for how good a VFX-centric movie can get. It was nothing short of epic and its adherence to its source material, Frank Millers’ 1998 graphic novel 300, was unsurpassable. Just like Sin City, each frame from the graphic novel was adapted to the movie flawlessly. In many ways 300, the movie, helped Snyder’s footing in Hollywood as a visual director and along with Frank’s story it was one of the best movies of the year. It has been 8 years since 300s release and the studios noticed that the franchise still had some juice left in it. Time to milk it dry! Continue reading

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The Last Of Us: Left Behind

Left-Behind-ReviewIn the final moments of The Last Of Us, a seemingly relieved and heaving Joel tells an oblivious Ellie that they’d found The Fireflies and there were others, immune, like her. That they’ve stopped looking for a cure, followed by a short ‘Sorry’. Ellie just silently listens and later she tells Joel “Back in Boston, Back when I was bitten. I wasnt Alone. My best friend was there. And she got bit too.” Continue reading

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A Look Back: The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us 2Naughty Dog studios have always been on the forefront of Gaming. While the studio’s initial Crash Bandicoot was enjoyable and immensely fun, it wasn’t something I direly wanted to play or loved. Well it wasn’t until Jak & Daxter came into play that Naughty Dog studios took its limelight and known to be one of the studios to watch out for. And it did happen soon after Jak 3 and Jak X Combat Racing and following Sony’s new flagship console, Playstation 3′s release, they came out with the ‘killer app’ for the console ‘Uncharted‘. On the surface it looked like Tomb Raider with a male protagonist but the more you play the more you start appreciating its gameplay mechanics, its well written characters and story. Naughty Dog’s games were being hailed both for its story and its cinematic gameplay. And in no time the studio started churning out Playstation exclusives while PC and Xbox owners could do nothing but drool.

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Non-Stop: What I Thought!

Nonstop ReviewLiam Neeson, the guy whom I first remember seeing in Schindler’s List, then as Qui Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I and later on as Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins and recently from a dozen other memes tagged with “I don’t who you are but I will find you and kill you” . Liam has had the best of both worlds, Award-centric movies as well as mindless action movies. But thanks to 2008′s Taken, Liam has had a major facelift, from a talented actor who could convincingly portray Oskar Schindler to a guy who could utter any dialogue with an unmatching intimidation that would make any guy pee in his pants. Dont believe me? Watch this! Continue reading

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