Wonder Woman Review: “Let’s Trash DC”


“I know it’s a misleading title but hold your horses if you’re a DC fanboy and want to rain down upon me a slew of abuses. Hear me out first.”

Oh DCEU, you keep churning out mediocre movies and boast of box office returns as a reason to shove down more mediocrity down our throats. Although I loved Man Of Steel (coz I am sucker for Supes) we need to digest the fact that mediocrity in movies and encouraging and supporting them has only made DCEU to not push any envelope. Its no news that Marvel, despite their kiddy-friendly, formulaic movies, is at the top of their game and catching up to them is a feat for DC. If they really want to do that they would have to invest time in fleshing out characters in solo movies than dump a ton in one movie trying to get ahead of the race. Continue reading Wonder Woman Review: “Let’s Trash DC”