Revisiting: LOGAN


It has been 17 years since the first X-Men movie where we were introduced to Logan aka Wolverine. We’ve seen him in an endless torrent of sequels that has delighted fans but led to a weakness: even the best of these films lacks any real tension because audiences know these are after all superhero movies and their ending would rather be ‘happy’ than grim and that these movies aren’t really going to end as long as they are gonna make money. Fortunately, Logan breaks this trend and makes it easier to accept that things can go awry, even for superheroes. It’s a superhero movie that has the balls to let it go and to end it all.

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The Wolverine: What I Thought!

The-wolverineWolverine is one of the iconic characters in both the Marvel Universe as well as the 20th Century Fox’s movies; so is his Adamantium claws and healing factor. An immortal and living through ages he does have a lot of stories ready to be told through movies/comics. We did get an Origin movie, X-Men Origins Wolverine which was panned by critics and audiences alike. But I felt it was trashed more than it deserved to be. It had loads of action and bits from the original Wolverine Origin story arc but it did trash the character for the sake of being an action-heavy summer blockbuster. A weak script, irrelevant characters and a stupid take on ‘the merc with a mouth’ underwhelmed the audiences. Anyways The Wolverine salvages some of its lost prestige putting a lot of focus on the core character. Continue reading The Wolverine: What I Thought!

Real Steel: What I Thought!

I am not a big fan of Shawn Levy movies…be it Night At the Museum series or the Pink Panther. Hell I’d say Levy’s movies are mediocre and kiddish which has a ‘laugh-for-the-moment’ appeal (or not even so). Well it seems exceptions are indeed possible and REAL STEEL is one.

Produced by Steven Spielberg, his obsession with ETs and Giant Robots continues but this time for good, Real Steel follows the story of Charlie Kenton and son Max, played excellently by Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo, teaming up and training a scrap robot for Robot Boxing. The early previews had a Transformers-feel to it..though believe me this is nothing like Transformers. The Robots are just fillers for an amazing story about father-son relationship. Hugh Jackman, charming and charismatic as ever leads the story from the very first scene though a little bit of his limelight gets stolen by young Dakota Goyo. This little guy is so damn awesome packing in all the essential elements of entertainment. The lines he spouts made me LOL more than once. Also joining the supporting cast is Evangeline Lily…and its good to see her NOT-ESTRANGED in that island anymore. She did well, in her limited screentime, as Hugh’s assistant as well as love-interest.

Real Steel is ‘Rocky with Robots’. The Robot boxing is just awesome and unlike Transformers, its great to see which bot is fighting the other bot. Atom, the scrap bot that Max picks up from the salvage acts as a mediator in between Max and Charlie in building a great relationship. Atom also kicks ass.It could have been cheesy if Atom had an AI and talked (I expected that alot)…but Levy did wise in making Atom just a remote controlled bot with the AI being renamed as ‘Shadow’ function which imitates the movement of whoever is in its vicinity and Levy incorporated it to good use in a particularly funny/cute scene. The final moments of the moments of the movie I actually found myself cheering for Atom. Yes the ending is predictable but its worth every penny seeing how all the characters got there. The score composed by Danny Elfman were both soothing to the ears and charging during the Bot fights. I couldnt help but notice that they included 2 tracks from Need For Speed…it added a nice punch to the bot fights.

Real Steel has all the right elements of a good entertainer and its a 300bucks well spent.