The Intern: A Feel-good Startup Tale


Although I never deliberately sat down to watch Nancy Meyers movies, I always found myself stumbling upon em somehow. I remember being forced to watch Parent Trap with my sister and ended up loving it when I was a kid (I actually believed there were ‘Lindsay Lohan twins’) and despite being a chick flick, I liked What Women Wants as well. The Intern would be the first Nancy Meyers movie that I wanted to give a shot. The previews were intriguing, the plot looked cheesy yet serviceable and of course, the real reason why I watched The Intern was Anne Hathaway and boy I ended up loving it? Her?

Post the initial novelty of a ‘senior intern’, The Intern’s plot is pretty much straightforward fare. You’ll know exactly where it’s headed but at the same time you won’t feel bored…at least I wasn’t. But despite the lukewarm reception it’d gotten at the box office, The Intern had a bit more to offer. Anne Hathaway’s performance for one. Anne played an intern in The Devil Wears Prada and here it’s role reversal time. She plays Jules, a hardworking, relentless and energetic CEO of a startup called About The Fit. I haven’t seen her so in a long long time and her performance was nothing short of riveting. You know it’s a great performance when you believe you know Jules in person. Robert De Niro has done a truckload of hits and misses in recent times. I am still not sure why someone with his rapport want so desperately grab every Tom, Dick and Harry roles out on offer. Fortunately here, for a change, Deniro steps into his role as Ben, the intern, as effortless as ever. The role was about a wise, caring widower and he’s nailed it.

As I mentioned before the plot isn’t anything to write home about, it is indeed the next best thing to ‘paint by numbers’ and you can’t possibly expect anything miraculous happening from point a to z. Except that Nancy Meyers worked out some magic to make it feel fresh, the verve was there right from scene one. There were some OTT and unnecessary scenes where they go to Jules mom’s house to delete an email she accidentally sent to her mom, while it vouched for some chuckles it felt rather forced.

Maybe it sticks coz I have worked with startups before. Of course, the one’s that I have worked for had ‘authentic assholes’ for bosses and shit politics as usual but it was familiar territory when you get to watch it in a movie. The rapid growth, VCs, investors, the relentless struggle and the hard work, The Intern sort of aces startup culture. I am not advocating for The Intern to be one of the best movies of 2015. But a movie is all about its flow and if it lets the viewer slide from start to end without much hiccups, its a win; and in that aspect The Intern succeeds. The Intern, with its lead’s heart-warming performances, has its flow, from start to end, unboring, entertaining flow.

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