Batman Vs Robin: What I Thought!


DC was on a winning streak with their animated movies. When Marvel’s animated movies always faltered and was just watchable (with just a few exceptions) but DC’s Animated Universe was much more enjoyable. From Superman Doomsday and Wonder Woman to The Dark Knight Returns and Year One. Of course when you’ve got brilliant source materials, DC Animated was a always a winner. Even their originals like Assault On Arkham kicked ass. Though I am not too content with their recent outings, Justice League Throne of Atlantis was a tad on the weak side and here comes Batman Vs Robin.

Batman Vs Robin is a sequel to Son Of Batman and continues the story and conflict between Damian Wayne/Robin and Bruce Wayne/Batman. Son Of Batman was inspired from Batman & Son, Batman Vs Robin, though, is blended with Night of the Owls series by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. This is indeed a cartoon but most definitely not for kids. Batman Vs Robin has loads of violence, nudity and coarse language.

There are indeed vast differences from the comic and not the best of which would be Talon. Talon from the comic was a intimidating foe to Batman but in the movie he’s been reduced to weakling rooting for Damian. The other would be Damian; no matter how trained he is or even if he is Ra’s grandson, a 10 year old cant be that skilled, the power that he possesses, the skills that he displays is just superlative, yes even for comics and animated movies.

As for the voice overs. Jason O Mara returns once again as Batman and so does Stuart Allen as Damian. My favorite Batman voice artist, Kevin Conroy, though makes an appearance as Thomas Wayne. And as for Talon, Jeremy Sisto does a fair job as well, his voice reminding me of Dennis Hayesbert. The animation wasn’t as good as The Dark Knight Returns but just edges over decent and it also has some laughable CG integration.

Night of the Owls was one of the best story arcs in the New 52 series and while The Son Of Batman and Night of the Owls blend was entertaining but is in no ways an great animated movie. Frankly, I expected Night of the Owls arc to be made into an epic movie, something along lines of the The Dark Knight Returns but unfortunately had to be content with this average film and now its a missed opportunity. Jay Oliva might have been on the pinnacle of DC Animated Movie direction with The Dark Knight Returns and The Flashpoint Paradox and Assault on Arkham. But since Son Of Batman and Throne of Atlantis its been spiraling downwards. DC’s best redemption now would be to adapt Kingdom Come to an animated feature with of course, better animation!


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