Fast & Furious 7: What I Thought!

Fast & Furious 7 Review

Lets get this straight: Except for the first and the 3rd (just coz it was novel), The Fast & The Furious franchise never excited me. Although I have been following the series I cant be called a fan or even someone who takes joy in sitting through these movies. Nonetheless I have sat through almost all the movies and all I can recall is that ‘one with the vault on road’ or the ‘one that introduced Rock’ and so on. Though I do remember the last one, Fast 6, to be exact, did something cool (at least the ending): they tied the movie with a previous outing and introduced a badass villain. Here on I will remember it as the ‘one they introduced Jason Statham’. Another reason why I was in for Furious 7 is that it was Paul Walkers last Fast & Furious movie.

Yes Furious 7 is yet another Furious movie and it is for the quintessential Furious fans but also does make for good casual fun. The whole plot could be summed up in 3 words ‘nonsensical vehicular action’. Seriously the gigs they end up doing defies reality, physics and whatnot. During the finale, a character described it best as ‘vehicular warfare’ and yes it is simple asinine fun and the franchise knows it well by now. Furious fans aint in it for the plot or the performances or even a great story. They just want fast cars, absolutely ridiculous action and Vin Diesel maybe? and thats exactly what Furious serves best now.

Make no mistake James Wan knows how to make an effective horror movie but evidently he also knows this game well. Plus he might just have introduced the next best gimmick after The Matrix’s ‘Bullet time’…the camera pans parallely to a falling character like its stuck to them and believe me you you’re gonna see a lot of it in upcoming action movies.

As for the performances the cast does what they are expected to do. Make an action plan, spew some one liners, get on with it and off to the next. Paul Walker had comparatively way less to do here probably due to the fact that the script was re-written after his death. Vin Diesel once again dorns the tough guy Dom role and pretty much does what he does best. The crew is almost the same: Michelle Rodriguez still has some loose ties to figure out, Tyrese Gibson still makes smirk-able PJs and Ludacris tries best to fit in. Dwayne Johnson’s screentime comprised of two heavyweight action sequences. Newly recruited to the franchise are Kurt Russell and Natalie Immanuel and serves for ploughing the plot forward a lil bit. Jason Statham nails it as Deckard Shaw and might just be the franchise’s best antagonist till date. The roster is also complete with Tony Jaa and Ronda Rousey action sequences.

Furious 7 wraps up with a great and subtle farewell to Paul Walker. I really expected it to be a loud, action set piece where they’d lose him but they’ve paid him the respect that he deserves and it makes for a true tear jerker moment. They could have easily easily cashed in on accident and I am glad they didn’t. To concise, Furious 7 is a no-brainer entertainer and for fans it’d just as heavenly as the previous instalments. For non-fans its still a harmless nonsensical action flick where you wont be bored for at least.


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