Oru Vadakkan Selfie: What I Thought!

Oru Vadakkan Selfie Review

I was in as soon as I heard the line “ഞാൻ തലശേരിന്നു വരുവാ  സാറിനെ കാണാൻ ” (I am coming from Thalassery to meet sir) in the preview of Oru Vadakkan Selfie. There’s every damn reason that draws me to my hometown, from the slang to watch familiar places on screen. The same thing which drew me as well as other North Malabarians for Thattathin Marayath. While I knew Oru Vadakkan Selfie wasnt gonna break any new grounds, I was sure that it’d be entertaining.

Seems like it has now become a safe bet when Nivin Pauly and Aju Varghese team up and especially with Vineeth Srinivasan’s scribe you just can’t help but call them a winning trio. Oru Vadakkan Selfie has once again made it clear that the trio works out just fine, promising a barebones entertainer if not a blockbuster.

Nivin Pauly once again shines in a very reminiscent but amiable role. On the other hand his permanent side-kick, Aju Varghese is getting a little tiresome. Child Artist turned actor Manjima Mohan makes an okayish debut. I could be alone here, but Manjima Mohan barely makes the actress cut. Neeraj Madhav could have used a little bit more screentime, particularly having seen him ace it in Sapthamashree Thaskaraha. And as for the scribe himself, Vineeth Sreenivasan does a decent job for what he himself has written for him.

Shaan Rahman’s score and music was a great topping. While it might not be as musical as Thattathin Marayath, the songs in Oru Vadakkan Selfie has a very hummable essence to it. The icing on the cake being Enne Thallendammaava and Kaikkottum Kandittilla.

All this fuelled by an absolutely spellbinding cinematography. Jomon T John nails it. The visuals were beautiful, be it my hometown Thalassery or the scorching Chennai (where the color tones felt much more cooler than Thalasserry). A huge thumbs up for Jomon, this guy definitely has the chops to make the visuals damn fine.

In the end Oru Vadakkan Selfie has tons of laughs but little substance. The comedy seemed fresh but none that’d stick with you post-watching and a couple of rightly sprinkled cameos made the movie novel. It has its flaws, a weak last hour for one. What takes a turn after the first half takes you on a mystery trail leading to an ending where we are left wondering “whaaat“. Was that ambiguity at the end deliberate or did Vineeth get lazy? I swear I expected a post credit sequence to clear things out but unfortunately all I was left with some unanswered questions. All said though, Oru Vadakkan Selfie is strictly one-time but certainly a fun movie.


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