Big Hero 6: What I Thought!


There’s something about animated shorts that makes you (or at least me) feel a lump in your throat. They did it with Paperman… They’d done it with Blue Umbrella and now they’ve done it with Feast. Feast is an animated short played just before Big Hero 6 and its just beautiful. So do make sure you reach the movies on time.

Big Hero 6 is the the movie adaptation of Marvel’s comic by the same name. Set in the fictional San Fransokyo Big Hero 6 tells the story of Hiro Hamada, his friends and Baymax the healthcare companion, teaming up to bring evil to its knees. Targeting at the younger audiences, Big Hero 6 is a beautifully animated movie directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams and attempts to tell a story of friendship, loss and all out fun.

I always thought Disney buying Marvel to be bad news. The PG treated movies, making it more kid friendly but this turned out to be a pleasant Disney-Marvel surprise. Remember those times when someone designed how DC characters would look like if they were in a Pixar animated movie? Thats what happened here and instead of DC, once again Marvel gets the upper hand.

Big Hero 6‘s USP is undoubtedly Baymax, the healthcare companion turned out hero, built by Hiro’s brother. He is just adorable, a walking and hugging marshmallow who doesn’t understand expressions and taking things almost literally. And when he does suit up to a superhero, a lot of clumsiness ensues that promises a good chunk of chuckles. Inspired by Iron Man, Baymax’s suit grants him flight and other powers to chase down the ‘villain wearing a kabuki mask’. He was just so loveable that I would love to have Baymax action figure or at least a plushie.

Hiro and his friends also suit up to go against the mysterious Kabuki mask villain and even though I don’t remember any of his friends names, when I was all into it, it just didn’t matter. The car chase sequence and Baymax’s first flight particularly is sure to keep young ones at the edge of their seats.

You can’t expect a lot from Big Hero 6 coz at its heart its a kids movie. Predictability is a major issue as the mystery behind the Kabuki mask villain couldn’t be guessed even by an 8 year old. Big Hero 6 also brings nothing special to the plate that we haven’t seen before but it works for Baymax and lighter story. It wouldn’t hurt if spawns its own franchise too.

In the end Big Hero 6 is a beautifully animated, colorful and charming movie with enough fun to keep you entertained till end. My skepticisms aside, Marvel and Disney should team up more to make movies like this. Two thumbs up for Baymax as well. As its Marvel tradition, do wait for the lengthy credits for a good post credit scene and cameo.


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