Gone Girl: What I Thought!

Gone Girl Review

I’d started reading Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl a few months back and a few chapters in, I thought to myself “Know what? I’d give Fincher a chance with this one and then I’ll finish reading!” Since then I’d been patiently waiting for Gone Girl‘s release. I was excited what with Fincher being one of my favorite directors. The previews didn’t tell much but still had that eerie touch to it that kept me waiting. Finally, yesterday I got to watch Gone Girl and without further ado I’d like to add that it was without doubt one of the best movies I’d seen this year.

Nick Dunne and Amy Dunne, upon losing their jobs and going bankrupt, relocates to Missouri and on the morning of their 5th anniversary, Amy goes missing. Investigation ensues and all eyes, including the media’s, rests upon Nick who has no clue what happened to Amy. As the movie progresses all odds are against Nick and it becomes a crime drama thriller, a whodunnit putting all suspicion on Nick. Has he killed her or not? Nick also unravels some stuff about his wife. Gone Girl goes back and forth from the investigation and the media circus to flashback scenes where Amy narrates her fears about being with her husband. What’s pretty obvious is that the victim is not who you think she is and throughout the movie you are trying to find out what’s off with the whole scenario and at times you will find yourself perplexed as to who you should be rooting for, Nick or Amy.

I have always adored David Fincher’s movies be it the ill-received Alien 3 or Se7en. Of course most of the his films are adapted from original source materials but on celluloid he does know how to deliver an intellectually supreme thriller. David Fincher plays all the cards right here and Gone Girl makes for an immersive, tense and compelling crime drama thriller. You yourself adorn the detective’s cape and try to figure things for yourself but Fincher makes sure that you don’t reach the conclusion that easily as he constantly throws twists and turns at you that glues you to your seats.

There’s not one performance that could be looked down upon and along with Fincher’s solid direction it all comes to a fine full circle. I remember seeing Rosamund Pike as a ravishing bond girl in Die Another Day and in many more mediocre roles from Doom to Wrath Of The Titans etc. Who would have thought she would deliver a performance that makes you go all dumbfounded. She went from vulnerable to intimidating to manipulative to sheer conniving. I’d say the best part about Gone Girl would be her. I’ll just put this here, I am not a Ben Affleck fan and I was one among the many who cringed at the news that he was going to be the next Batman. I love his direction, I love his writing but I just don’t like to see him screen. But its time to put all that out of the way. Affleck is solid here and gives one of his career-best performances and I am one step closer to tolerate seeing him on screen. Carrie Coon plays Margo, Nick’s twin sister and she was adorably cute and her scenes with her brother were some of the best ones. Supporting cast also includes Tyler Perry, a celebrity lawyer who charges his clients a $100,000 as retainer fee and he does his part just fine. I am not used to watching Tyler Perry movies (thanks Madea), but some of the jovial moments were well done. Initially, I thought Neil Patrick Harris was an odd choice for a David Fincher movie but he gave an impeccable performance as well. Media also plays a major role in the movie and it almost plays like a character even manipulating you at times.

Gone Girl is beautifully shot. It looked as if the whole of Missouri looked mourning in Amy’s missing and it takes a more warm tone during the films third act. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s score is indeed an icing on the cake goes perfectly sync with the spellbounding visuals. Fincher’s own The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was banned in India due to its graphic rape scene and I was skeptic if Gone Girl, with its domestic violence scenes, would walk down the same alley. I thank the censor board for being sensible and not doing so and also zooming in on the non nude parts than chopping off entire scenes made much more sense.

Mark my words, this movie is gonna test your bladders and you will feel like keeping it in so do go for this movie with an empty bladder and don’t even think of that maxi size Pepsi at the counter. You wouldn’t want to miss anything. Its close to 3 hours and the only times I looked at my watch was due to my impatient bladder than due to getting bored. Its that much engrossing.

Gone Girl is a bit about marriage and what all can go worse in a marriage. Its a bit superficial, yes, but Fincher grounds the movie in a believable reality that it doesn’t really matter. This isn’t Finchers Magnum opus in fact it doesn’t even come close to it, ie Fight Club. Nonetheless he manages to build a cohesive and immensely immersive Crime Drama that plays with your wits till end. Can’t recommend this more!


3 thoughts on “Gone Girl: What I Thought!

    1. Thank you Dan. Its an honor to have you commenting here 🙂
      And yes, I am someone who enjoys Fincher’s movies regardless of its flaws and I just adore this one. A brilliant edge of the seat thriller!

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