Honeymoon: What I Thought!


Indies had always come up some cult horror movies, be it The Blair Witch Project or the very first Paranormal Activity it always garnered enough attention despite their minimal budget and often lesser-known actors. Martyrs, Monsters, V/H/S, the list of remarkable indie horror could go on and on. Touted as what could be one of the noteworthy horror movies this year, Honeymoon had turned enough heads, mine included, with its eerie trailer. I’d seen it previewed in almost all sites that featured Horror movies and it was intriguing enough.

Directed by Leigh Janiak, Honeymoon stars Rose Leslie and Harry Treadway on a honeymoon trip to her ‘cabin in the woods’. Ofcourse when there is a cabin in the woods, you know somethings gonna go awfully wrong and it does. Honeymoon starts off with the lovey-dovey couple, canoodling and enjoying their trip until one night Rose’s Bea goes off strolling into the woods and something dreadful happens there. As I previously mentioned, the trailer had me thinking what could have gone wrong with a little harmless sleepwalking and that inquisitiveness was what tugged me through till end in this slow paced thriller.

Rose Leslie was brilliant as Bea. Fresh from her fan-favorite role, Ygritte from Game Of Thrones, her bewitching performance was applaudable. The charm she’d brought to Ygritte was so memorable that I half-expected her to say “You know nothing, Jon Snow..err..Paul” here. If you follow Penny Dreadful, you’d be familiar with Harry Treadway and he’s done decent job here caught between the web of love, doubt and impuissance. Suffice to say that these two leads carried the movie on their sole shoulders. The movie is about 87 minutes and unlike many others, I wasn’t bored, thanks to their sincere efforts in making us care about them, whats happening to them and where it was all gonna end.

It would be a severe injustice if you call this horror as it was not the least scary. It could be called a good thriller with enough mystery to boot. I love the mood it set, with the happy couples moving into the cabin and spending their romantic days and then things going spiraling down. But after the third act and almost sitting through 80 minutes the pay off felt bad poorly conceived and executed. I saw people comparing this with Scarlett Johansson’s Under The Skin but I felt it wasn’t even remotely similar.

Considering it was Janiak’s debut directorial, it wasn’t all that bad but the tonal shift from the promising previews to the final movie just cant be forgiven. For what its worth, watch Honeymoon for the leads’ performances.


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