22 Jump Street

22Schmidt and Jenko’s back and if you thought this is gonna go exactly like that previous reboot, you are oh so right! 21 Jump Street, as I had previously stated, had me in splits, it was one of those movies that genuinely tickled my funny bone. While the 1987 TV show that it was based on was a bit serious and had little humor, the reboot starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum was made to be screamingly hilarious. Thanks to the directors duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller who also bestowed upon us the brilliant Lego Movie this year, 22 Jump Street is on the same page as 21 Jump Street. It is the same 21 Jump Street formula, rinsed and repeated and the directors takes a jab at it every chance they get and that’s exactly why it works.

After the successful bust of the high school drug circle in 21 Jump Street, Schmidt and Jenko is sent to college this time to investigate another drug case. Its the same thing all over again but it works out well promising truck loads of fun. The directors addresses this as a sequel-sequel to 21 Jump Street and does almost everything that made the original a terrific comedy. Much of the 80s nostalgic moments from the original is missing here instead the role reversal works out again, this time in favor of Jenko. Even the investigation plays out pretty much same with us as the audiences trying to guess and figure out the whodunnit mystery. Familiar faces pop up here and there and we get hooked on thinking they’d be the culprit, without spoiling anything I’d like to add that the movie does the job fairly well. But ofcourse you are not here to watch a perfect thriller, you are here for the same awkward, goofy moments and NSFW fun from the original and you get that served in plenty.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum once again shines through as the undercover duo and a lot of bromance is to be found here. They still carries on their terrific chemistry from 21 Jump Street and keeps em coming till end. Even Ice Cube gets extended sequences here and a particular scene with him and Hill was particularly uproarious. On the downside though, I’d say Peter Stormare’s screen time wasn’t up to the mark, the same goes for the female leads which weren’t as compelling as 21 Jump Streets’.

21 Jump Street was Pure Comic Gold, and 22 Jump Street is no different. While the first cracked me up, 22 Jump Street still managed to crack me up if not as much as the original. The comedy might not be as hard hitting as 21, many of the sequences may not work as much as the original but 22 Jump Street is still hilarious and if you loved 21 Jump Street you’ll be right at home with this one. Wait for the credits to roll and I assure you, you wont repent the 5 minutes you’ve kept your pee in; just make sure you don’t laugh too hard.


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