Bobby Jasoos

Bobby-JasoosVidya Balan is the reason why I go in for a movie without a second thought. The amount of charm she packs in a movie is just unreal. She has proved more than once that she can effortlessly carry a movie on her sole shoulder. She was on a winning streak with Paa, Ishqiya, No One Killed Jessica, The Dirty Picture and Kahaani and that streak inevitably broken by movies like Ghanchakkar and Shaadi Ke Side Effects. Well guess what, she is back on track and hell, she can capture audiences like ever before.

Bobby Jasoos stars Vidya in another brilliant role, Bilqis, a girl who so desperatly want to be a detective despite her orthodox Muslim family. She busies herself in solving her petty cases from the neighborhood eyeing for THE big case that would make her father proud. That’s when she stumbles upon Anees Khan a seemingly big shot who hands her a case to find two missing girls and when she is asked to be discreet, she starts digging into what Anees is really upto. The tale enlaces itself in a beautifully cinematographed Hyderabad, bright colors and good shots all making it all a gorgeous affair.

Its one thing to have unlimited charm and its another to carry a movie on her sole shoulders from start till end, all the while entertaining. While the supporting cast did an ample enough job to make it all gel well, Vidya, obviously stole the show. You just cant take your eyes off her when she’s on screen and that’s how Bobby Jasoos wins. The story was novel but nothing to brag about and the mystery Bobby was assigned to solve was nothing but predictable. The finale can be predicted miles away yet it somehow works, thanks to debutante director Samar Sheikh. Vidya also adorns a number of disguises that felt novel but its a short stint that hardly made any difference. This is especially true as those disguises were the USPs highlighted on the moves posters. The movie does get a bit slow in the second act when an indigestible romance blooms between Bobby and Tasawur played by a very adolescent looking Ali Fazal. The supporting cast comprising of Prasad Barve, Arjan Bajwa did a decent job and thumbs up for Rajendra Gupta and Kiran Kumar performances as Bobby’s dad and Anees Khan respectively.

Bobby Jasoos has subtle undertones of a typical middle class girls’ hassles to go against her family to do what she really loves. The final scene with Vidya and Rajendra Gupta was a real tearjerker bringing out the best in both. In the end Bobby Jasoos doesn’t have a strong script or the best direction but its a light-hearted family entertainer that sure to win hearts, of both, Vidya fans as well as the female audience.


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