Chef-Movie-ReviewI made the severe crime of watching this movie on an empty stomach. I should have known, after all the movie was basically food porn. Anyways back to business, Chef is a delicious comedy out this season and without much ado, I’d like to say that Chef is a great watch and anybody who loves food will definitely love this movie as well.

Chef is Jon Favreau’s latest and he’s directing, producing, acting and making loads of food. It an adult comedy that is both fun and deliciously tempting. I know I cant help myself talk without food but it is so. This aint a laugh out loud comedy and instead of bouts of heavy laughter here and there, it promises more subtle chuckles adding up to make it more memorable. Jon Favreau plays Carl Casper, an egoistic chef who gets fired from the restaurant he works for, he sets about with his son and his colleague on a road trip to find what he was really meant to do. It’s a roadtrip movie, its a family drama and has some good father son bonding. The way he slices, dices and seasons, its just so tempting. As soon as the movie was over I headed over to the nearest restaurant with a boatload of drool in my mouth.

Jon Favreau is obviously a skilled director having scribed the brilliant indie flick, Swingers and then moved onto shape the the Marvel universe with Iron Man that shot him to the top among all the AAA directors. But then Iron Man 2 happened which wasn’t all that bad but still lacked something very integral, followed by the piteous Cowboys Vs Aliens, the less said about it, the better. With Chef, he’s back to his indie roots and packs that essential Favreau tone. Social networking plays a major role Chef and it stands to be a good marketing lesson as well.

Chef‘s also got a terrific cast which screams for an applause. As for Favreau himself, this is by far his best performance. Up until now we have seen his short goofy roles in the movies he’s played in and for the first time hes in a legitimately good role having layers of different nuances in his character. John Leguizamo was pleasant and was a good supporting actor who the landed the role of Carl’s friend and colleague. All the characters are lovable, especially the kid who played Carl’s son. Sofia Vergara isn’t the usual self that we are all familiar in Modern Family, she is more poised and refined here. Throughout the movies he’s made, Favreau has made loads of friends and most of those friends makes a cameo in Chef. From the oh-so-gorgeous Scarlett Johansson to Iron Man himself.

Chef isn’t without its flaws though. Its an R Rated comedy with loads of abuses spewed, so even if it handles a family drama and father-son story well its not recommended for viewing with a younger audience. And it does get a tad bit boring when there aint no cooking happening on screen. Its also long and could have used a good amount of editing. But count these out, you’ve got a well made entertaining movie.

Chef marks Favreau’s departure from comicbook movies and poorly made action flicks and back to good indies which makes for a great feel good comedy with loads of loads food. Believe me its gonna make you drool watching all the delicious food being made, so DONT make the same mistake that I’d made. This particulary stands out like the gem among the mediocre big budget flicks thrown at you this season.



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