Non-Stop: What I Thought!

Nonstop ReviewLiam Neeson, the guy whom I first remember seeing in Schindler’s List, then as Qui Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode I and later on as Ra’s Al Ghul in Batman Begins and recently from a dozen other memes tagged with “I don’t who you are but I will find you and kill you” . Liam has had the best of both worlds, Award-centric movies as well as mindless action movies. But thanks to 2008’s Taken, Liam has had a major facelift, from a talented actor who could convincingly portray Oskar Schindler to a guy who could utter any dialogue with an unmatching intimidation that would make any guy pee in his pants. Dont believe me? Watch this!

So in Non-Stop, Liam Neeson plays an alcoholic, jerk of an Air Marshall on a flight where things starts to go down the spiral. He gets a text on his encrypted networked phone where someone says that he’ll be killing off passengers every 20 minutes unless he gets ‘his’ 150 Million dollars transferred and there on the nonstop action starts. Things are set in motion where people starts getting killed and keeps, you as well as, Liam guessing the ‘whodunnit’. Its thrilling and manages to be a real nailbiter till the last 15 minutes or so but you gotta suspend your disbelief a lot. On paper the plot seems perfect and as for the screenwriters advantage it works well, but on film and as an audience you gotta admit that it might not end up exactly as its planned out to be. The world never works that perfectly where someone plans something and it goes exactly like that. Example? Passengers getting killed at every exact 20 minutes and every other covariant works out perfectly well and thats exactly what the facet is here.

Liam Neeson is obviously badass in this and he sports the same menacing attitude from his previous action movies but it works well. There were elements of vulnerability but when you’ve got a script that moves as fast as a plane that flies 500 miles per hour, there’s little room for character building such as that. You have to admit he carries the plot on his shoulder and does keep you entertained. As for the supporting cast there’s that guy who played Thomas Wayne from Batman Begins, Anson Mount whom I was sure looked a lot like Jim Caviezel, Julianne Moore as the annoying passenger who just wanna sit beside Liam Neeson and a couple of other familiar faces thrown around all for the question of doubt. As soon as you see one familiar face you start guessing “Oh this guy, he’s the one” because thats how Hollywood works aint it?

Considering its from  Jaume Collet-Serra who previously gave us Unknown and the immensely entertaining Orphan, you know Non-Stop will be more than just watchable. As I said Non-Stop works out well till the end and you ARE definitely entertained for the movies’ 90 plus minutes and thats when the mystery gets revealed and you go from suspensive mode to MEH. Especially when you find out who and why its done. For what its worth I did enjoy the tense moments and you kinda root for Liam Neeson as each step that gets him closer to solving the mystery gets thwarted by the ‘man who plans’. Is this a movie that rockets him to more badassery? Yes and as evidently a Taken 3 is in the works as we speak. Though, for me…give me The Grey 2 anytime.



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