The Lego Movie: What I Thought!

The Lego Movie ReviewRemember those times when you were a kid and used to make dramatic, action packed movies playing with your action figures and toys? Lego movie does just that, just much better than an 8 year old though. I’ll put this right there, I am not a fan of Lego! I had a wannabe Lego set when I was young (Thank you, China!) and later on I did have my own authentic legos as well but I just couldn’t get what all the hype was about. They started making video games on every other franchise out there and I never touched one and when the news came that these guys were upto making a full length animated Lego movie, I was rolling my eyes. So when it finally released, I thought to give it a shot. Well I couldn’t possibly ignore the rave reviews, could I?

From directors, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller who previously gave us the uproarious 21 Jump Street comes Lego Movie. I was in as soon as I heard these two names were attached with the Lego project. You also have to count Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs which was some pure entertainment for kids and adults alike. Lego Movie tells the story of Emmett who’s a hapless construction worker, a nobody, who’s taken on the ride of his lifetime when he stumbles on an artifact. Joining his adventure is the ravishing Wyldstyle and the wizard Vitruvius and spanning across a wide range of Lego universerses. From DC Universe and Star Wars to Lord of The Rings and TMNT and then some more.

Brilliant animation which is actually computer animated but made to look like its stop motion and has been maintained till end. I started searching if there were anything not made out of legos and I was surprised to find none, even the water, fire and smoke was made out of legos (There were ofcourse some ‘relics’ which was obviously real world things). The 3rd act was what surprised me. And I liked the inclusion of….you know what? I’ll let you have that surprise. It might not work for some but I am glad it did for me. And that inclusion made all the difference, it was that stroke of sheer genius that made Lego movie from being good to ‘awesome’.

Brilliantly voiced characters enlivens the screen and some big names are attached as well. From Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson, to Will Farrel and Elizabeth Banks. You ofcourse get Chris Pratts amazingly voiced lead Emmett and makes the character adorable and endearing. But the real show stealer? Batman. I laughed hard every other gag the Batman was involved, and all thanks to Will Arnett’s perfect voice over.

My only qualm about the movie was that it would have been perfect in 2D, the me-too 3D feature kinda trampled the experience to some degree. In the end I am still am not a fan of the toys but I’ve convinced myself to become a fan of the franchise, both the games and movies. With splendidly written characters, fast paced and humorous narrative, and excellent voice overs, The Lego Movie promises truckloads of fun. It could have all been a 100 minute promotion for Lego, a huge ad for Lego considering the movie has squeezed in everything they could and what results is not a convoluted piece of junk but a good movie which offers true entertainment.


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