Flappy Bird: What I Thought!

Flappy Bird HDDon’t be fooled by its innocent Mario-esque graphics. Flappy Bird from Gears (aka Dong Nguyen) is an unforgivingly tough arcade mobile game that challenges your reflexes & concentration. In Flappy Bird all you need to do is tap away, maneuvering the Bird (which looks like a very mutated fish sprite from Mario) through and in between some pipes. If that sounds easy enough…You are wrong!

Borrowing heavily from Copter Run and Jetpack Joyride’s Money Bird, Flappy Bird has become an internet sensation in mere days of its launch. Its been hailed as the Dark Souls of arcade and it earns its tag without doubt. Its a wonder how a game so simple and shallow has become so popular. You really need to invest a whole lot of focus and concentration in this if you want to get somewhere. Coz one wrong move…one distraction could make it all go down the drain. Thats how unforgiving it is…its the flappy bird saying “All you checkpoint enthusiasts can suck my @#$%”

The game isn’t buggy, well not atleast for Android devices. It registers every tap that you make and if you fail by any chance you either jumped too slow or fast, too high or low or maybe you weren’t just reflexive enough. But the more you play it the more you die and despite all the rage you are bound to press that PLAY button again. What’s more fun is challenging your friends.. Atleast that might motivate you to take up playing again when you were on the verge of throwing your phone…and believe me you just might.

Its unforgiving, its challenging and it gives you more fun that you could shake a stick at. So forget your console and PC and give Flappy Bird a chance. And say goodbye to your F#@king life!


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