her: What I Thought!

Her“Boy, Do I want OS one. Or maybe not!”

Directed by Spike Jonze, Her is the new movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. If you are familiar with Jonze’s movies you’ll know this aint your usual romance drama neither is it purely sci-fi. Spike’s humor and weirdness is smeared all over Her (no puns intended). Remember Being John Malkovich? Her aint that odd but can come awfully close. At the same time Her could be considered a good drama and more than that, a great love story…ten times better than Twilight (insert Still better than Twilight meme here).You are introduced to a introverted, lonely, be-moustached Theodore played by Joaquin Phoenix. Haunted and heartbroken over his impending divorce, Theodore lives on rather drably with his job as a letter writer. He’s one day introduced to the new OS One who adopts a female personality by name Samantha and voiced by Scarlet Johansson. Theodore with in no time starts investing emotions with Samantha, and her, equally bonding with him. Like any relationship they talk, do stuff together, romance and even have sex but in the end things get messed up.

Her is first and foremost a love story and beautifully acted out by Joaquin Phoenix. One would say it lies on his shoulders solely. Joaquin is known to be very selective about his movies and this is rather a strong one. Scarlett Johansson was no less impressive. There’s no denying the fact that she’s hot and can most definitely act, but to carry over that sexiness and acting prowess only through her voice is a feat in itself and she does it perfect. You listen to her and you get to visualize her, such is the effort she’s put in the performance. I failed to recognize Amy Adams initially, she was totally different from the bombshell she played in American Hustle and evidently she’s an actress who can make wonders both in commercial and art house movies. Rooney Mara & Olivia Wilde makes the most of whatever’s allotted of their screentime. Hoyte Van Hoytema’s captivating cinematography and Owen Pallett’s soulful score only adds to the brilliant narrative and direction Spike has bestowed upon Her.

There’s one word that could perfectly explicate Her and it’s ‘beautiful‘. In the near future it wouldn’t be completely impossible to rule out OS like these. And it wouldn’t be surprising if people shares their feelings with it as well. Its zany, Yes but you can’t possibly ignore the fact there are people who’d do that. At some point of time, people are bound to try and find a shoulder to lean on, electronic or NOT. Given Spike Jonze’s track record it wouldn’t be surprising if its all too weird (and sometimes creepy if you think about it) but HER is one movie you absolutely do not want to miss.


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