Frozen: What I Thought!


I am not always a big fan of Disney Animated movies. What with all the adorably naive princesses and prince charmings I always felt it was way too mushy for me. There were a few exceptions though…Wreck-it Ralph, the best among them. Wreck-it Ralph followed similar child friendly, Disney style but instead of focusing on fairy tales and princesses, it was based on the world of videogames and boy that was some ride. Yet another exception was 2010’s Tangled, which was a very enjoyable take on the Rapunzel fairy tale. The gorgeous visuals and intriguing characters all came alive with Tangled albeit with its own twists, and thus Disney got its formula.

Enter Frozen. Disney’s foray back to familiar territory after a short Wreck-it break. Without spoiling much, Frozen is based on the fairy tale, The Snow Queen and as family friendly as Disney animated goes, it doesn’t have the least of dark side the fairy tale had. Its kinda like a prequel to the fairy tale with lush loveable characters and queen itself shown just a little bit ‘misunderstood’.

Being a Disney flick, it’s undoubtedly a musical and all the tracks were so good that you could shake a leg to it. Wonderfully animated characters accompany the music which makes it a audio-visual treat. The characters themselves had enough personality to pull you through the narrative from start to end. The snowman Olaf was exceedingly hilarious and somehow reminded me of Sid from Ice Age.

When I watched Tangled, I was bowled over with the visual quality, it had rich environments filled with colorful and well animated characters. Frozen was almost on par with it on the animation and graphical quality but somehow looked bland. Blame the snow, white and blue shades that saturated the locales it was slightly less visual than Tangled. But then again there was this particular scene where a character lift up another and the look and texture of fabric on the characters looked so absolutely fantastic that I forgot I was watching an animated movie. I know it could be just me, but I am glad I felt so and RIGHT THERE there an animated movies wins!

In the end, Frozen, came as a surprise coz I wasn’t interested when I saw the previews and I was less fascinated coz I was getting this instead of a Tangled sequel. But I am glad to say that I was pleasantly amused and entertained with Frozen. Kids will love it without doubt, but its a real feat for an animated movie when it can get adults glued to their seats and Frozen does just that.


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