The To Do List: What I Thought!


Sex Comedies are one of those genres where you cant have huge expectations. You will always have an audience for the it though, young or old. Its a genre not always suitable to be viewed with family but the best to be watched with friends or alone on a warm cozy couch. It doesn’t need an ensemble cast or exceptionally well written material, all you need are some intriguing characters, mediocrely written humor and some nudity to top it all off. Hell, the more lewd and raunchy it gets, the better! It sure hits its high peaks when you are high/drunk or to stretch a leg amidst some tense gaming and/or watching a serious drama. Because almost all the movies in this genre are no-brainers, you watch it, you have a chuckle or two and you forget about it as soon as you are done. I have my favorites as well, be it American Pie & Euro Trip or classics like Fast Times at Richmond High and of course The Graduate.

In a male dominated world, sex comedies from a female perspective is a good thing. Dont u think? We do have gems such as Fast Times at Richmond High or the much recent Easy A and there are movies which just falls flat despite having a high caliber female lead. Sadly though, The To-Do List falls into the latter category. The movies tells the story of Brandy Klark a valedictorian who under pressure sets out and makes a list to do everything that’d make her sexually experienced before she heads onto college. The To Do List delivers and is almost unstoppable in spewing raunchy at every chance it got and eveything was fine until its 2nd act.

I am a huge fan of Aubrey Plaza. I was drawn towards her deadpan acting since the day I saw her in Parks and Recreation, loved her more as Scott Pilgrim’s abuse spewing Julie Powers and even more in Safety Not Guaranteed where she played the lead, Darius. To Do Lists in solely on Aubrey’s shoulders but despite her sincere efforts the movie falls flat. Also, she feels severely miscast here. Her usual deadpan acting was held back a bit in favor of a stereotypical curious girl. Even an extremely talented supporting cast, from Clark Gregg & Bill Hader to Connie Britton & Rachel Bilson, the potential of these actors were under utilised.

Loads of raunchy, dirty comedy imbues till its second act and it goes downhill in the third act what with all the moral for girls and having sex. For what its worth, watch this for Aubrey Plaza (she does put it out there) and its crassy humor.PS: There’s absolutely no nudity to be seen here so off you go, pervs.


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