The Legends Of Horror: An Infographic


Everything has lead to this. Its Halloween and what better day to celebrate the most iconic of horror movie legends than this day. I wont be surprised that there’d be truckloads of these guys roaming around on Halloween eve. As mentioned before, all these characters mean a lot to me. When you look back at their movies, some may feel cheesy and others excruciatingly laughable but the these movies and the people behind it built the genre the way it is now.

Victor Miller, Wes Craven, John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper were all known for creating these monsters who’ll be known for aeons to come. These guys made legends out of those movies.  While modern day movies relies on extensive CG and SFX, all they had then were makeup and puppets and they did a better job of scaring the bejesus outta you and thats exactly why they ended up on this list be it the machete wielding hockey masking sporting Jason Voorhees or the dream-controlling, finger blade swining Freddy Krueger they all deserve to be ICONS. Name one movie from recent times that invoked a cult status or at least an iconic antagonist? Yea, I think NOT.

Happy Halloween everybody!

Click for full view



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