Kick-Ass 2: What I Thought!

Kick-Ass-2-reviewDirected by Matthew Vaughn, Kick-Ass was a breath of fresh air at a time superhero movies reigned supreme. Every superhero was trying desperately for a Nolan-reboot but Vaughn took a different route with Kick-Ass. Its dark and sick comedy infused with exaggerated violence and high-schoolers made for an amusing watch. I’d read the Mark Millar & John Romita Jr comics but never thought it’d be so violent, I just wasn’t prepared to watch it unravel onscreen. Despite my indigestion of the violence, its still one of my favorite movies.

With Kick-Ass 2, Jeff Wadlow takes the director seat. Kick-Ass 2 follows Dave Lizewski’s odd superhero tale post the events from Kick-Ass. Having seen Wadlow’s mildly entertaining Cry_Wolf, I was rather skeptic about Kick-Ass 2’s fate. But surprisingly the previews looked just as good as the first and after watching the movie, its safe to say that Kick-Ass 2 delivers though not good enough to top over its predecessor. Wadlow plays it safe following Vaughn’s style and the comics’ storyline. The focus this time around goes a tad bit on to Mindy McCready and how she is coping up with her teenage life after her father’s death. Our lead protagonist Kick-Ass is not without his own issues and he joins a group of fellow superhero wannabes, Justice Forever, lead by Captain Stars and Stripes. Amidst all this Chris D’Amico dorns a new supervillain attire by name The Motherfucker and yearns to bring Kick-Ass to his knees for murdering his dad. Rest assured its as comic, dark and equally violent action movie to the end.Soon to be seen as Quicksilver in The Avengers 2 Age of Ultron, Aaron Taylor Johnson still proves that he can pull off the looks of a nerd kid when he’s already played the menacing Ben in Oliver Stone’s disastrous Savages. Chloe Grace Moretz looks absolutely gorgeous and her performance astounding, as a disoriented 9th grader who is in conflict with her dual identities. A stupendous actor, Chloe acts with amazing prowess and I feel there is much much better in store for her unless she chooses to go the ‘Carrie‘ way. Christopher Mintz Plasse is as spoilt, galling and naive as his Red Mist days and his stupidity knows no bounds as The Motherfucker. An almost unidentifiable Jim Carrey plays Capt Stars and Stripes and boy does it stand out!Kick-Ass 2 ups the ante a bit promising violence, cuss words and action topping Kick-Ass but the charm that the original brought was nowhere to be found in its sequel. The carnage and gore is over the top so if you didn’t like Kick-Ass and his teens slashing and gutting their way through the first movie then don’t bother watching this one as well.Henry Jackman’s Kick-Ass‘s score and its soundtrack was simply excellent. But the score composed by duo Henry Jackman & Matthew Margeson for Kick-Ass 2 comes off as barely passable. It did sync with the visuals but when heard otherwise it just comes a notch below remarkable. Nonetheless just like the movie, the tunes stuck close to its previous instalment and tracks like Warehouse Showdown & Real Evil sticks to you.

Kick-Asss was a gem that came from Vaughn and it will be cherished but its sequel? Not so much. Even if its remembered it’ll be remembered as just a sequel and nothing groundbreaking albeit entertaining. I liked it, though not enough to recommend it as a stand alone movie but I am sure fans and superhero aficionados will like it.


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