+1: What I Thought!


Time Travel is a kinda tricky thing to deal with in movies. No matter how well its made there is bound to be plotholes in the movie. An exception being Primer which was so inexplicably detailed that it ended up indigestible for many and entertaining for only a few. Another recent example which barely makes it to the list would be Looper, once again not without flaws but the movie itself addressed the issues of time travel and thereby negating some that it could have had. The point being few movies can nail it and the best is already out there: Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future TrilogyGroundHog Day and TimeBandits.

If you are not gulled into thinking this is a sequel to the Google pwned  The Internship+1, comes from Dennis Iliadis, the director of The Last House on the Left (the 2009 one, which I found amusing) is not essentially a time travel movie but a genre mash up. Its a mix of college party movie, a romance drama and sci-fi. To put it light this could have been Project X-meets-Groundhog Day-meets-Body Snatchers. Its got some amazing ideas which rivets you in the first and second act though fails miserably to do so towards the 3rd act. It was very intriguing for me at first, the characters were straight out of a sex comedy movie and a few minutes into the movie the weird starts creeping in. Blatant use of nudity distracts you away from the core premise nonetheless you will be left with a lot of questions towards the end. The ending itself felt rushed and could have been way way better.

+1 is the perfect example of a brilliant concept tampered via flawed execution. Anybody who’s seen this movie can’t possibly deny that its got some nifty ideas but it all tumbles down the hill due to lazy and amateur performances, inconsistent pacing and gaping plot holes. I felt the party itself wasn’t wild enough, thank the onionskin budget. Performances from Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller and the supporting cast felt all but appreciable. I was counting on Rhys, having seen his performance from The Purge but instead I felt it was very amateur here. And I frankly thought I’d seen the last of Ashely Hinshaw, after her asinine histrionics from About Cherry. The only scantily commendable performance comes from Pretty Little Liar’s Natalie Hall along with gratuitous nudity.

Loads and loads of flaws and some unexplained sequences makes an otherwise novel movie just barely watchable. It could have been a good modern day Groundhog Day but its flaws overburdens whatever goodness it has. Watch +1 and bear with it for its amusing take on time travel and its middling twists. Whether it earns a cult status is yet to be seen.

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