Disconnect: What I Thought!


The Internet has undoubtedly changed all our lives. Some people argue that its a boon or that it has made our life easier but where there is good, there is also, unquestionably, malice. Every age has a story to tell and in this cyber imbued world of ours a movie like Disconnect stands out. It defines our lives and along with it, there are somethings to be learned as well. I don’t know why or how this got past my radar in 2012 but its a shame that I didn’t get to watch this at the big screen. Anyhow I am glad that I watched it and now, rests in my list of favorites.

Without spoiling much, its a compelling drama, a bit like Crash or Magnolia but revolving around individuals who are connected to the online world who are harassed, deceived and fauxed. Simply put its an ensemble film of how three different set of characters are affected by the technology that has become so indispensable to our lives. Not much movies leave an impression that stays with you even after you are done watching it but Disconnect is a powerful and provocative film that not only keeps you pinned to your seat but also makes you think about the consequences of your actions. The different story arcs, all infused together till end to deliver an intense drama.

Almost everything in the movie is in perfect sync, be it the screenplay, the cinematography, the background score and the performances. Unpredictable as it is, the finale slides onto being tense and not being superlatively so too. I was intrigued from scene one and despite its slow pace the experience wasn’t hampered at all. Towards the end there is this particular scene which will leave you in awe.

Directed by a lesser known Academy Award nominated Henry Alex Rubin, Disconnect also boasts of impeccable performances by Jason Bateman, Andrea Riseborough, Alexander Skasgard, Paula Patton, Frank Grillo and Max Thieriot. Brownie points for the prowess of Colin Ford (who preciously played a young Sam Winchester from Supernatural) and Jonah Bobo. It was a good change seeing Jason Bateman in a character oriented role than a loser/goof, and he did exceptionally well.

The movie is heavily influenced by music and its perfect when Max Richters score capitally embraces the visuals. Along with the serene score you also have Sigur Ros, AWOLNATION which constitutes the soundtrack.

For some, Disconnect could be over-dramatized with little tragedy but without doubt it could be considered one of the best dramas in recent times, where it proves that the internet has its own dark corners making it a crooked place to be at times. Its a must watch, a cautionary tale for the adolescent audience, regardless of it being under-rated and a victim of bad marketing. Like a book which should not be judged by its cover, Disconnect proves that some movies should not be judged from its previews either.


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