Off Topic: The Abysmal Flipkart Experience

Flipkart ComplaintFlipkart had been the best thing that happened when it launched back in 2007. Prompt delivery and exciting offers flooded and Flipkart users everywhere went gaga. I even found myself promoting and recommending it to my friends. But recently complaints had been pouring in about how bad their services had got. I, though, being loyal, never lent an ear to those news and continued to buy products from Flipkart. Despite their uncalled-for order cancellations and excessive delays I stuck to their services…until this happened.

In September they had offers on Bluray discs and I bought 3 on the very same day. The Incredibles, Tron Legacy and The Dark Knight Trilogy disc set. As it was festive season I had to go to my native and the items got delivered to my office address where a colleague received it and was handed over to me when I came back from home. What I’d got were The Incredibles and Tron Legacy discs and when I checked my order status in Flipkart it was stated that The Dark Knight Trilogy had been delivered too (and I was the one who’d received it pfft!). I made sure with my colleague who had received it and he assured that there were only 2 consignments. I mailed to Flipkart asap addressing this issue

“Haven’t received this order yet. But it says here that its shipped and delivered to my office address. Please rectify this. I’d ordered two other items with the order id OD309060##### and it got delivered though not the item with OD309060##### id”

They replied stating they’d checked with the fine people at ekart logistics and they claim to have delivered it. To make it more convenient for me they said they’d arrange a copy of the DRS (proof of delivery) within 2-3 days to see who’d claimed my consignment. And so I waited.

Things took a bizarre turn 2 days after the aforementioned mail, I started receiving texts from Flipkart saying they were unable to pick up the consignment I’d initiated return for. I ignored and the next day yet again I got the same text along with a mail stating that a Return request for The Dark Knight Trilogy by me was noted along with instructions on how to keep it ready. Pissed, I mailed them the below content.

“Didn’t I make myself clear enough? I NEVER RECEIVED MY ORDER. And despite all the mails Id sent you…you reply with a ‘Return Request for the order OD309060#####’. Tell me something… how am I supposed to return and get refund for something I never received? In your initial reply you stated that you’d send a DRS copy to see who received my order (if you ever did deliver it). Clearly you guys haven’t delivered the product I ordered and has stated that you’ve delivered it to me. And now followed up with a Return back policy for the same. This is getting increasingly frustrating. Either return my hard earned money or deliver the product else I’ll have to take measures to see that your sheer nonchalance has been noticed. I’d been buying from Flipkart for more than 2 years and despite all the complaints I’d been hearing about your marketplace model and failures in delivery, I stuck to being loyal with you and this is what I got served for.”

I received a call from the Customer Support enquiring what had happened. Note that, nobody had called me prior to receiving the text messages for returns. I clarified my query and this guy told me there might have been a mismatch with the Blurays I’d bought along with The Dark Knight Trilogy set and requested to return them. I was literally laughing at this point, I’d already lost a consignment worth Rs 1499 and now they want me to return the other blurays as well. I asked them the same and I was put on hold for a while and later asked to return just the package of the Incredibles bluray disc. He said they’d refund the money to my accounts and as I’d ordered with my credit card he asked me to wait for at least 10 days before it gets reflected in my account.

I returned the package with the ekart logistics guy and he asked for the product, I told him that I was only asked to return only the package and not the product. And after confirmation over the phone he left with the package and within 4 hours I got another call from a Flipkart official addressing all this. He told me the product (The Dark Knight Trilogy) was out of stock and that they will notify me when its available. I said all I want is a refund and I am not intending to buy anymore from Flipkart so I don’t need it refunded to my Flipkart wallet for which he agreed to. Soon after he hung up the 1499 bucks was added to my Flipkart wallet, despite being specifically told that I didn’t want it there.

The whole thing took more than 2 weeks time and my money was stuck with them the whole time (and now its stuck in THEIR wallet). Imagine what could have happened had I thrown away the package? I am sure they’d have measures to overcome such issues and resolve my problems. But who has time to run behind all this? Flipkart offered convenient shopping and it was what I’d signed up for…NOT THIS!

Previously when I’d ordered a PS3 game from WS Retail. They’d cancelled my order without even an acknowledgement. I kept my mouth shut not this time. Its time for people to know. There are loads of other options for online shopping. This is for the best of Flipkart. Either they stop the wretched ways to trouble their customers or else they introduced marketplace models and customer-first policies like that of ebay.

A day back I was about to order another bluray and instinctively I went to Flipkart but then having gone through the abysmal experience I found myself quickly resorting to ebay and amazon instead (despite the offers Flipkart had). Thanks Flipkart, you’ve made another loyal customer, seditious!

PS: If any of you have had similar experiences please share. Its high time that Flipkart’s incompetence is known to all. All this could seem to some people as whining but like myself, you’ll only know how tedious and time-wasting it is when you’ve gone through an experience like this.


3 thoughts on “Off Topic: The Abysmal Flipkart Experience

  1. Buddy, even I’d share your sentiment as being a loyal customer from last 3 years who had a monthly average of 5-10 products with them. But from last 2 months, Im observing sheer decline in what they used to be. Flipkart, which used to be my default market of choice lives no more to my credibility now. In my case, they would ship the parcel at their earnest (no doubt in it), but will find itself stuck at XYZ sorting facility till eternity. And calling CC comes out with no fruition. Now even I’m better off with options like Amazon, Snapdeal, Homeshop18 etc even though the price is marginally higher given that it brings peace in mind. And the pouring complaints on their FB page testifies our resentment.

  2. Hello Guys

    Being bitten opened the flooded door. This terrible alien and unsavory experience. I am suing them and taking them down. As much not said, I am a lawyer, and probably they might understand when I bring there working at halt by having injunction against them until they are prepared to deliver on what they advertise. Contract Law is very clear, are they blind? 2 hours I am toddling google and amazed to see issues. Well, for a stronger case and favorable verdict and legit compensation, I require more heads like you and evidences. If you got some, you have lawyer for free serving in public interest.

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