We’re The Millers: What I Thought!

We're-The-Millers-ReviewWe’re The Millers is the latest R Rated flick telling the story of David Clark, a low level drug dealer who is assigned by his boss to move ‘some’ marijuana from Mexico to the US. He assembles The Millers, a family of sort which includes his neighbours, a Stripper, a runaway teenage girl and an 18 year old virgin. Under this pretense they hope to transport the marijuana in an RV and the movie is about the perils they face on their way. Basically its one of those roadtrip movies where the ‘friends’ are replaced by a ‘fake family’.

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber of the Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story fame, We’re The Millers sets out the promise of being uproariously hilarious. The previews were good and it did seem like a run-of-the-mill comedy flick. And it deliver, the first half of the movie was indeed hilarious but halfway through it began stuttering both in pace and comedy. Post the second act, the scenes with another RV family felt like it went on forever. Had it been trimmed down a bit the movie would have been a much better watch.

I never felt Jason Sudekis was a main-lead-material. Well, he tries hard here to convince me but even that fell flat. Maybe its coz the fact that this guy is boning Olivia Wilde that envies me (kidding obviously). The only movies I’ve seen Emma Roberts in a female-lead role were It’s Kind of a Funny Story and and she doesn’t have a lot to do here as one of the Millers but she doesn’t disappoint either. Will Poulter, despite his odd looks was surprisingly entertaining as well. Jennifer Aniston does steal all the limelight though, her striptease obviously being one of the (and most likely the only) USPs here. And it does bring a smile to my face that, strip or not, she’s still got the same charm from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

References to The Simpsons, The Dark Knight Rises were thrown in for cheap laughs. At times jokes felt bland and boring but that doesn’t make the movie though…there are indeed scenes that tickle your funny bone. We’re The Millers does not have over the top humor, neither does it have that much R rated jokes to make you feel like its Hangover all over again but for what its worth its okay for a lazy weekend watch. Ooh and wait till the end credits coz there is sweet sweet scene in the bloopers reel.


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