Ducktales Remastered: What I Thought!


Ducktales…weekend mornings were the never the same without it. I loved the show, loved the original SNES classic just as much. Prior to playing Ducktales game (on an SNES emulator), I remember seeing those VHS-esque box-art that used to come in Harvey comics. I’d never known there was game based on one of my beloved cartoon shows. I sincerely pity the young audiences these days who are stuck with those moronic cartoon shows. Ducktales was a true gem and its SNES game was no different.

Years later, past my adolescence, I downloaded the whole Ducktales TV show, watched and enjoyed it just as much as I did when I was a kid. News broke that Capcom was making a Ducktales games remake I was excited like any other 80’s kid. Developed by Wayforward, Ducktales previews put me into instant nostalgia. It looked awesome, sounded awesome and felt exactly like its predecessor. Hype rose, so did my expectations.


I booted up Ducktales Remastered and I spent a good minute listening to the theme song before pressing START. The HD uplift was evident from the start screen itself. The game put me, once again, in the shoes of Scrooge McDuck and after a short cutscene away I go finding treasures and rescuing my nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie. The visuals of the game was truly spectacular. Gorgeous HD graphics. The sprites have been redrawn akin to Disney style and even the Scrooge’s atrocious red jacket has been changed to resemble the true blue cartoon jacket. The sprites themselves are well animated and fluid. This is not something usual a studio would do but Wayforward has done it. Kudos. There is also a little plot here at play explaining why Scrooge goes to the Himalayas or why he’s able to breathe on the moon.


The soundtrack and themes have been beefed-up too. Just like the graphics, the music has been revved up. The infamous Moon theme was praised as one of the best VGM at the time and its remastered counterpart is no different sans some nostalgic 8-bit notes. The voice cast of the original TV show is back as  well giving it that essential authenticity.


Not everything is good here though. Ducktales’ story was totally unnecessary, complemented by badly written cutscenes which went on forever and which needed you to go to the menu to skip. A simple click-skip option would have sufficed. Glitches like respawning enemies when you leave and re-enter a scene or inconsistent hit-detection are small glitches which is easy to ignore though not as easy to be ignored. The boss fights, despite being graphically rich, never felt challenging.


If you are a fan of Ducktales/arcade platformers/SNES this one is for you. Its easy to look past its forgivable issues that this title carries, given it takes you to your childhood memories. Its time the new generation’s introduced to these old classics…through this slightly-flawed game than never.


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