Mark Of The Ninja: What I Thought!

Mark Of The Ninja Review“I am not a stealth-game fan”. The reasons are simple, I am a guy with little patience and it does take a lot of patience to play a stealth game. I have tried my hands at stealth-games and failed miserably, ending with me playing it going all-guns-blazing. I made a rambo outta Agent 47, so did I play Deus Ex and Splinter Cell the same way, and the results were awful. And I never even bothered to play more than 10 minutes of Thief. Nuff said!


I know I am very late writing about Mark of Ninja but I just couldn’t help it as it is a work of art than just a game. There’d be some supernatural force which made me play Klei Studios’ Mark Of The Ninja, otherwise I don’t know why I downloaded it off Steam and started playing it. My own theories include me being a fan of and Klei’s previous titles Shank 1 and 2. Or maybe being Jeff Agala art fan could be the reason I was pulled to play Mark Of The Ninja. Nonetheless I am glad that I did. Mark Of The Ninja is a 2D side scrolling game focussing on stealth and action and boy it has oodles of it and the weird part being I loved every bit of it. It could be considered the purest attempts at making a stealth game different from those stealth-action hybrids. Mark Of The Ninja is fuelled by Jeff Agala’s awesome art and the mood it sets is immense; at times making you feel like a real Ninja, hiding in the shadows, swift and slicing and dicing his way through to the end. The visuals are nothing short of gorgeous and the animations, fluid.


Mark Of The Ninja doesn’t have a compelling story, the plot just ploughs you forward from one superb level to another, often disrupted via story elements presented through gorgeously animated cutscenes. One level you’d be in a rain-soaked city and in the next you’d be in a sand-torn East Asian temple ruins, the level design and visuals will immerse you. What it lacks in story it makes up with its gameplay. Mark Of The Ninja has some of the best responsive controls I’ve ever seen. There was hardly a lag anywhere and gameplay itself was made pleasurable so. Sound cues and hiding spots which were integral for the gameplay so were the stuff you unlock as you level up be it moves or items like boxes, caltropes, smoke bombs, darts.


Regardless of its fairly easy boss fights, Mark Of The Ninja excels in being a stealth game with its brilliant presentation, fluid gameplay and, once again, gorgeous visuals. I was under the impression that a 2D stealth game wouldn’t work (blame it all on the glorious 3D) but Mark Of the Ninja broke all my notions making me a stealth fan. This is a game that begs to be played and loved and thats one of the reasons that it sits cozily in most of the ‘Best Stealth Games’ list.


4 thoughts on “Mark Of The Ninja: What I Thought!

  1. I downloaded this game on XBox Live when it first came out and probably played just the 1st level. But lately, I’ve been going through my games that I haven’t yet completed and so once again I’m playing Mark of the Ninja. All I can say is that I’m in love with this game. I’ve already beaten it 4 times already since I’ve been working on getting the 3/3/3 in every level.
    The game isn’t perfect, but what’s there more than makes up for it! Just wish for more!

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