Deadpool The Game: What I Thought!

Deadpool-ReviewEver seen a trashy movie and you were embarrassed to admit that you’d liked it? I know you do. Sometimes you are just in the mood to switch off your brain and watch some nonsense and possibly revel in it. If you are one amongst who liked Machete or Crank chances are that you might just love Deadpool The Game. And despite your love for trashy movies there is an equal chance that you’d hate it as well because it is undoubtedly flawed and secondly its a GAME and you need to invest more than your eyes and ears when you play one. This proves that you can’t just wish for a Batman Arkham Clone everytime. Steam sale was up and I got kinda trigger-happy spending a lot of moolah on the games they had to offer. The mixed reviews for Deadpool was so much that I decided to try it first hand and what I concluded after playing it was not so different from the mixed reviews.

Developed by Highmoon Studios, the makers of the Transformers game series, Deadpool The Game has all the elements from the comics. The twisted humor first and foremost is the USP here, Deadpool is still the anti hero, the ‘merc with a mouth’ and in constant chatter with his own subconscious. The way Deadpool The Game mocks itself and the studios that made it is in itself hilarious. And it does have plenty, the absolutely juvenile humor you’ve known Deadpool for. The little details the studio blended in the game, initially at least, was perfectly enjoyable like the way Deadpool lifts a low poly bookshelf prop (where the books stays intact) in his apartment and mentions it to be a junior artists work.  Or a level where you end up losing an arm and with a twisted head your controls are reversed as you try to reclaim your arm from your pet dog. Or another level where due to budgetary constraints your game is converted into top-down old school arcade game. These insanely-fresh ideas make Deadpool worth experiencing atleast once. Or NOT!

Deadpool’s combat at first was off to a smooth start. The melee attacks coupled with fire arms was not so novel but nonetheless it felt fluid…that is until the teleport key was pressed, the camera gets all insane after the teleport. Same happens when you use a gun, the camera shifts to a weird over the shoulder angle and it doesnt shift back until out draw out your swords. Add to that the weird mapping of keyboard controls made it all the more worse. There is level up option with which you can collect DP points (get it?) and up your arsenal with some guns, swords and skills.

Deadpool runs on Unreal Engine 3 but it never feels like it. I’ve seen many gorgeous games running on the now-ageing Unreal Engine 3 but Deadpool’s graphics felt just bland. It seems like Highmoon studios spent alot of time making the models look pretty especially the chest heavy females and Deadpool ofcourse. And talk about breasts, there is loads to be found here in sync with Deadpool’s perverse thoughts.

In the end, Deadpool is a soup of flawed ideas brothed to being barely playable. But what salvages it is its original Deadpool flavor, the crude humor we’ve loved the comics for, some good X-Men cameos and its voiceovers. I wouldn’t suggest this unless you love Deadpool.


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