Bullet to The Head: What I Thought!


These days movies have spectacular previews to the point where they beckons you to watch at the big screen. Agreed thats what they ought to be doing but its a complete let down when these movies turn out not even half as good as the previews. Those previews are proof that the movies are desperately trying to be what the audiences want to see, yet fails miserably.

Adapted from the French graphic novel Du Plomb Dans La Tete by Matz, Bullet to The Head is a buddy-cop thriller directed by Walter Hill but this is nothing like 48 Hrs, one of his best buddy-cop movies. Bullet to the Head aims to be a serious thriller than the humor injected usual buddy-cop movies. Stallone plays the the semi-antagonist protagonist who has an unlikely pair up with a cop, played by Sung Kang, to solve his partners murder and as to why he was framed in the process.

Stallone and Jason Momoa were the only people who lent at least bit a of sincerity in their characters. You can’t help but see Stallone as an ageing guy than an action hero now. It kinda makes you search out the scenes where a dupe was used and where not, especially in action sequences. Everybody else’s performances felt like they were yawning away till the end. And don’t even get me started on Sung which could be best explained from one of the scenes in the movie: At one point of the movie Stallone calls Sung an “amateur”. Sung felt exactly so. I did like him in the Fast and Furious movies but here he’s just pathetic. Since when did a cop get so pansy? Was there nobody else in the department to be assigned a high profile case other than Sungs? I bet his character wasn’t so sissy in the graphic novel. I was never a fan of Sarah Shahi but she did fairly well in her minuscule role here. Fans would be pleased to see her flash some…ahem…assets. Jason Momoa better known to us all Khal Drogo from the HBO series Game of Thrones did steal Stallone’s limelight a bit here, with his ruthless character driven simply with bloodlust and revenge.

Predictability is another issue. There not so much left for your imagination when you’ve got an action hero with a vulnerable daughter, a pansy and a hulk out to kill them. The movie takes itself too seriously. While it could have been a fun ride with enough humor thrown in along with a thin albeit sensible plot….ala 21 Jump Street. Though what we got served here was a movie where the humor felt dry the plot, contrived and the action, nothing you’ve never seen before.


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