Fast & Furious 6: What I Thought!

Fast & Furious 6 ReviewAfter the disastrous Fast 4, the Fast & Furious franchise’s been kicking some serious butt. I’ve seen every single of them and yes I do have my favorites which might not coincide with yours. But when people had been saying Fast 5 was the best so far but I ended up liking only a wee bit. Yes they introduced more story elements and characters and it wasn’t all street racing or onroad heists, Dwayne The Rock Johnson was a welcome addition as well but it was still lacking something that the first one had. Maybe its the novelty that it has been losing sequel after sequel. Anyways, Justin Lin had been helming the franchise since Tokyo Drift and apparently he’s getting increasingly good at what he is doing. While Fast 5 introduced an all star cast from the previous movies as well as new ones, Fast 6 upped the ante adding more characters and story.

Fast 6 plays out like any other recent Fast and The Furious flicks: Fast Cars, Hot Babes and insane stunts. Though this time around our Crew lead by Dominic is on the good side assisting Detective Luke Hobbs in catching a military trained Shaw who’d been doing the same thing our Fast Crew had been doing in the previous flicks. I literally guffawed when I’d seen the vault dragging scene from Fast 5, and if you thought that was preposterous you are in for a whole new level of ‘that’s ridiculous’. But we are in for Fast 6 for neither the drama nor the best written story instead we are in for action and that we get served plenty. Defiance of logic, physics and gravity, Fast 6 defines it all.

Characters screentime has been trimmed down but seemed justified when you’ve got this much going onscreen. This time the story is more focused on Dom and Latty. Vin Diesel is all loverboy in this one but he’s no less being a badass either. Rock’s been seen in every other sequel these days and yeah he is doing the job well especially when he fit the role perfectly just as Tyrese Gibson quoted: “Now we are working with the Hulk?”. Tyrese Gibson & Ludacris delivered some chuckle-worthy lines here and there making way for some essential comic relief. Gina Carano was pure eye candy and she and Michelle Rodriguez dish it out more than once. Who could say NO to that? Paul Walker was the one who got severely under-shadowed amidst all this, yes he had ample screentime but the charms he’d brought in the prequels where nowhere to be found here. As for our villain Shaw played by Luke Evans (soon to be seen as The Crow), he was just not intimidating neither was his character fully fleshed out.

From the very first chase sequence I was like ‘Alright, which of one the crew member is dying tonite?’. Fast & Furious franchise has made it a habit that its characters, often act as a bait, being killed for cheap sentimental values. But then again as we’ve seen with Latty’s case here you might never know in which upcoming sequel they might be resurrected again.

I seriously think that its high time for a reboot. I know it wouldn’t be a Fast & Furious movie without Vin Diesel or Paul Walker but hey a spin-off like Tokyo Drift would be always welcome. I wont be surprised if these movies goes on to its 20th iteration but I suppose there is a limit to all the insanity that goes on-screen unless they all dorn capes and ride flying cars (which btw would be the last thing I’d ever wanna see). For now Fast 6 gives you a chance to suspend your disbelief and buckle up for the ride of your lifetime…until Fast 7 ie. Do stay back for an awesome mid-credit scene (that made me think that the franchise could be going the Expendables way). Now thats a lot of the word FAST in one article.


2 thoughts on “Fast & Furious 6: What I Thought!

  1. Muscled men, fast cars, explosions and babes – That’s F&F6! Even the jokes were cliché and kiddish.. But the Gina Carano and Michelle Rodriguez fight scene was badass.
    The infinite runway and 11 shift gear posts had me laughing though 😀

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