The Croods: What I Thought!

The Croods Review

The Croods is the latest animated movie from Dreamworks Animation. The trailer was pleasing enough but it had a very Ice Age vibe to it and given how the quality of Ice Age movies spiraled down in the past years I thought I’d give The Croods a miss. I mean I wouldn’t repent not watching a single animated movie right? So I ignored The Croods when it released here last week and went on with my life, racketed watching Iron Man 3 and all. And then the reviews started pouring in online as well as via word of mouth about The Croods and kept me thinking…”Gee, I decided to give one animated movie a miss and that turns out good!” and off I go to check it out at the theater.

Dreamworks Animation have almost always given us quality animated feature films, whether it be the hallmark Shrek 1 and 2 (not counting the horrible sequels that came after), the uproarious Kung-Fu Panda movies and How to Train Your Dragon or even the less-acclaimed-but-perfectly-enjoyable recent ones like Rise of the Guardians & Puss in Boots. So was I crazy to ignore to The Croods? Apparently I was!

Set in an exotic pre-historic world, its the story about The Croods family, about an overprotective father, Grug, who’s hellbent on keeping his family safe resorting to the safety of a cave while his rebellious and adventurous daughter, Eep, is keen on exploring the new world beyond the cave. Things get complicated when a refined, quasi-civilized Guy come amidst them with his new ‘invention’ – fire! The Croods along with Guy are forced out of their caves into a world they’ve never set foot before and their adventure begins. Nicholas Cage as Grug and Emma Stone as Eep couldnt be more perfect. Cage’s insecurity/overprotectiveness and Stone’s stubbornness and adventurous were the entertaining bits. Ryan Reynolds’ Guy was voice overed well but the real star of the show is his pet a sloth by name Belt who was especially hilarious. It’d been a while I’d laughed so hard when I saw Belt‘s dramatic Da Da Da! The Croods oozes with humor at every turn. Also noteworthy mentions are the various creatures thriving in the world from Punch Monkeys and Mouse Elephants to Bear Owls and Macawnivores. Though the world itself felt a little underpopulated by the same.

Animations were smooth and crisp and some amazing cinematography accompanying the animation giving off a truly wonderful visual experience. Especially in 3D. I was always held back when a movie was in 3D but in The Croods its well used. The vivid visuals coupled with 3D gave the animated world a new life. This is definitely something to write home about.

While the score by Alan Silvestri was befitting the visuals what I did miss were original songs.

As I said I’d almost forgotten the last time I’d laughed so much watching an animated movie. The last one which I’d found hilarious was Dreamworks’ own Kung-Fu Panda 2. The Croods could be a notch down compared to those and it lacks the depth the Pixar animated movies bring in but its nonetheless a perfect treat for the kids as well their folks.


2 thoughts on “The Croods: What I Thought!

  1. This is another fun family film that you and your kids (if you have any) will enjoy. Lonely people may not hate this, but may just warm up to it after awhile. Good review.

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