Iron Man 3: What I Thought!

Iron Man 3 ReviewAdmit it, Everybody likes Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of Tony Stark, no one could have ever played it better than RDJ and that’s one of the main reasons the Iron Man series is minting money at the box office. After 2 of the biggest entertainers and one hell of a Goliath, the Iron Man returns in Iron Man 3. Jon Favreau steps down from the director seat this time and lets Shane Black play with the franchise. Truth be told I was rather skeptic as to where Shane would take the franchise to. Having previously worked with RDJ (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), Shane had only one movie under his belt and to any Iron Man fan that’d come off as an ‘unsafe bet’. But that insecurity never lasted long.

Iron Man 3 starts where The Avengers left off and the events from the Marvel Phase One are undoubtedly addressed; from ‘the man who fell from the sky with a hammer’ to ‘the whole New York and aliens’ issue. For Tony Stark its more of a personal affair this time having anxiety issues and repercussions left from the New York incident and felt vulnerable just as he was from the poisoning in Iron Man 2. He spends most of his time outside his Mark suits and it was a pleasure seeing RDJ as Tony Stark. Though when he does adorn those delicious Mark suits, the action gets relentless. And with a formidable foe as Mandarin, Tony is put to the test of his lifetime. If you thought you’d seen the best of Iron Man in the previous instalments or The Avengers, you are in for a treat! Iron Man 3 promises and delivers pure unadulterated action and some of these sequences will keep you on the end of your seats.

Iron Man 3 brings back the same signature Robert Downey Jr Humor and action that we’ve all loved from the previous 3 movies. If you are a fan of the comic books there are unexpected twists that will question what all you’d known. And a certain plot-twist is sure to enrage some hardcore fans. Frankly at the said moment I was baffled at what’d just been uncovered…and how I should have reacted to the reveal. The trailer, I felt, revealed a bit too much. And lastly the humor that it so well infuses with the narrative becomes a tad misplaced in some sequences. I am no at the liberty here to discuss when it felt out of place but you’ll know when you see it.

Obviously RDJ is the showrunner here and he does his absolute best. Its no easy feat to have 2 major franchises under your belt and give those characters each vivid personalities. RDJ is the man! Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper is given ample screentime and some onscreen action too. Being a hardcore Rebecca Hall fan I felt her role was severely underwritten. While scenes with Don Cheadle and RDJ were uproarious, Guy Pearce as Killian is someone to watch out for. And finally Ben Kingsley as Mandarin WILL surprise you with his performance…nuff said. Oh BTW remember the kid from Insidious? He’s back and has gotten himself a cozy role alongside RDJ.

Brian Tyler’s score was a bit uninspiring but there were a few gems that could salvage the album. AC/DC was nowhere to be found in the OST and it was very noticeable. I remember Iron Man’s intros from the previous films as well as The Avengers kicked off with either an AC/DC track. It was missed to core here in Iron Man 3.

For all its worth, hits and misses aside, Iron Man 3 is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy. The current story arc couldn’t have ended any better. Agreed, RDJ’s Iron Man has become one of the iconic superheroes of all time, in fact he has made it one of the best superhero movies ever but what I missed was the goosebumps-gallore I had experienced when seated for The Dark Knight Rises. Iron Man series as it seems was and will be only regarded as a summer blockbuster than a major game changer. And despite its minor flaws it still manages to emerge as a winner.

PS: I suggest that all of ya Iron Man fans out there watch this one asap. The forums will have flooded with spoilers by now and everybody out there wont be as generous as me to not include spoilers in their thoughts about the movie. So take my word and watch this asap.


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