Into The Dead: What I Thought!


I am not a huge fan of Tablet/Phone games but as an ardent gamer I do go through most of em and I wouldn’t say they aren’t without gems. Angry Birds, Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Dead Trigger among those obvious gems. The concept of button-less gameplay intrigued me less and the increasing number of Runner genre on the Play Store was overwhelming to the point that I stopped playing on my Nexus 7 a bit. I mean how many times have you come over a Temple Runner clone? It could be horizontal or vertical but it still was a runner game and I was truly exhausted playing the likes of those. That was until today when I stumbled upon Into The Dead. I’d previously seen a gameplay trailer featured on IGN and I was under the belief that it was another Walking Dead licensed game and I would have stayed far far away from what I’d seen in The Walking Dead Survival Instinct. Surprisingly it wasn’t a Walking Dead game. Yes its got zombies and it was a runner game but its more of an FPS runner game that relies on pure atmosphere rather than the clones you’d previously seen.


PikPok games have developed the next big thing since Dead Trigger or so I believe. Into the Dead doesn’t have flashy graphics or revolutionary gameplay or story but it does best….is via the minimalism. You are thrown into the zombie infested field and you have to run your way in and through shitloads of zombies all coming at you…you’ll have to dodge em, you’ll have to buy arsenal of guns, chainsaws and grenades to get past the never-ending horde of zombies and its all presented in a purely atmospheric desturated graphics. The palette reminded me of LIMBO played in first person view and with ZOMBIES ofcourse. If you thought that the screen might have laden with a number of onscreen controls to my as well your surprise all you have to do it tilt to move left or right and tap in the middle to fire…as simple as that and they are extremely responsive too! As mentioned earlier the minimalism is what intrigued me…all you have to do is dash away from the zombies, pop some zombie heads and make your way to safety (doubtful if there is one at the end). The grim graphics and mist adds the mood and atmosphere of the game and you’ll never know what’s lurking in the mist and those cornfields.


PikPok games knew what they were doing: make a simple yet thrilling FPS runner and they’ve developed a winner. If you own an Iphone/Ipad or an Android device I cant recommend this enough to you. You’ll be amazed at how many hours you can cling on to this superb piece of software here and moreover who wouldnt want an experince like this at the cost of NOTHING? Yes it is FREE. So download it Here




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