Olympus Has Fallen: What I Thought!


While Olympus Has Fallen isn’t something we haven’t seen before it offers a brisk pace and a little fresh take on the ‘save the president’ action genre. It did feel more like Die Hard 5 than the original Good Day to Die Hard replacing Bruce Willis with Gerard Butler of course.
It has a striking resemblance with Roland Emmerich’s upcoming White House Down starring Channing Tatum. It’d be only justifiable when I see it coz putting these 2 head to head is a bad idea considering both has identical plots, both are from reputable directors and both stars 2 of my favorite leads.
We’ve seen Aaron Eckhart as a Spokesman in Thank you For Smoking and a District attorney in The Dark Knight and while he mixes the efforts in his role as the President he still comes off as a bit unconvincing. In a particular scene I expected him to scream “Rachel…Rachel”, the memories from The Dark Knight still etched in my mind. Of the lot Morgan Freeman role was reduced to a few minutes in the movie. The movie is owned by Gerard Butler as he got a welcome break from the disastrous chick flicks and rom coms that he was in. The return to his action roots is appreciable and he does deliver a strong performance sorta playing it off a very McClane-ish role. Dylan McDermott? Less said the better, there was no explanation or a backstory as to why his role behaved so. Rick Yune plays what he does best…a formidable Korean antagonist.
Gore is one thing I loved and the action promises plenty of gore hence making the whole affair more visceral unlike the recent PG13 G.I.Joe Retaliation. Still, given the director’s previous films Olympus Has Fallen felt like lackluster. Olympus Has Fallen, compared to Fuqua’s own Academy Award winning Training Day, is just a mindless action flick which promises a few nail-biting sequences.

2 thoughts on “Olympus Has Fallen: What I Thought!

  1. Go see it if you just want a mindless action film that is a homage to 80’s and 90’s action films, but if you want something a little more substantial, then skip it and check out something more smart or intellectual. Good review.

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