G.I.Joe Retaliation: What I Thought!

G.I.Joe Retaliation Review

Departing from its original directed by Stephen Sommers and this time directed by Jon M Chu, G.I.Joe Retaliation proves action movies can be dumb and at the same time entertaining. While I can’t lie that I never enjoyed G.I.Joe Rise of Cobra, it was still a very mediocre movie. Channing Tatum, a tight latex clad Sierra Miller and the Paris scene elevated the original from the dust to a bit but it’s still best forgotten. Sommers’ reputation with PG13 movies also didn’t help.

Jon M Chu who previously directed Step Up 2 and Step Up 3D brings back some of the glory, if not all, that G.I.Joe had lost. G.I.Joe Retaliation brings forth some truly amazing action sequences. The unfortunately the only main lead from the original is killed off initially and we are given a slew of new Joes. Dwayne The Rock Johnson plays the lead Roadblock (He looks like he could be one) accompanied by DJ Cotrona as Flint and the gorgeous Adrianne Palicki as Lady Jaye. Dwayne loses the charm that he’d brought in Fast 5 but still manages to provide a sub par performance. Bruce Willis, the go-to guy for cameos, joins the cast as the General Joe Coulton and yes it was fun having him on board, his scenes with Adrianne promised some chuckles.

Adorned with gadgets and armed to the teeth with a number of guns unimaginable, this is any 10-year-old boys wet dream especially if he is a Hasbro G.I.Joe fan. Throw in Adrianne Palicki in a hot dress it becomes even more. Being a fan of her since her Supernatural days, I just loved watching her dishing it out. I do have qualms about Channing Tatums very short cameo and this DJ Cortana who played the second lead. I mean who the fuck is this guy replacing Duke? Ray Stevenson had some screen presence playing Firefly, his villainous yet charismatic Isaak Sirko from Dexter still stuck in my mind. RZA was hazardously misplaced in a movie…hated it.
Having previously helmed Step Up 3D, Jon did know how to effectively work with 3D. G.I.Joe Retaliation was supposed to release last year’s summer but was delayed till 2013 for 3D post production and as much as I liked the 3D in this movie it still can’t justify the close to 8 months delay.
There is one word that kept spinning in my mind while watching G I Joe Retaliation: RELENTLESS. The action seldom wanes to give you time to catch breath. You’ll have to overlook many factors while watching G I Joe Retaliation, there is no sensible plot for one and there ain’t much memorable performances either but if plenty of action is your cup of tea and you are one among who hated the previous instalment, then you’ll enjoy this one.

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