A Good Day to Die Hard: What I Thought!

A Good Day to Die Hard

Remember the original Die Hard? Remember Bruce Willis’ smartass-trashtalk-spewing John McClane? Remember FOX started churning out those awfully named sequels with inferior quality but still promising some good action set piece moments? I thought I had seen the last of em with Live Free or Die Hard. But NO! They had to make another movie which made the previous movie looked good and they did it!

Live Free or Die Hard had some substance to it, an intimidating villain and a better written plot. A Good Day To Die Hard has none of em; its a no-brainer. An abysmal plot serves for some brilliant action sequences. It almost seemed like the story was written around and after the action scenes were choreographed. All you have to do is smirk at McClane‘s mediocrely funny one-liners and enjoy the fireworks that follows. Then again…where was John McClane? The charm that the original trilogy had was due to the tough cop character with an attitude, but this is just a 57 year old guy pretending to be a badass running around Russia in search of his son, mind you…a son who was never even mentioned once in the previous movie. And if you thought you’d see some ‘Pursuit of Happyness‘ moments here, you are wrong. Jai Courtney (whom I remember as the cherub faced gladiator from Spartacus and ofcourse the recent Jack Reacher) and Bruce Willis had zero chemistry and had absolutely no father-son bonding moments were to be found here. But ofcourse a Die Hard movie is not about all that, its about action…you do get a truckload of that but there also needs to be a reason for things to blow up which unfortunately wasn’t there.

It is so badly written that the only time McClane says ‘Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker!‘ failed to invoke any kinda reactions. The so called plot would have been sufficient for a great game but the it never seems to take off for a movie like this. Even the plot-twist towards the end, although very unexpected, felt half baked. Frankly I enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard despite its flaws and Good Day to Die Hard makes it look twice as good. FOX should have thought twice before handing over a beloved franchise like this to the director of Max Payne and the writer of X-Men Origins Wolverine.

John McClane is now more of an icon than an action hero so it kinda justifies the implausible stunts he ends up doing. I would have compared him to Jason Statham from Transporter 2 but a more juster comparison would be Superman. This guy is unstoppable and despite being an old granpa he still has the some prowess he’d showed at Nakatomi Plaza. So its sorta entertaining during all those stunts. For what its worth watch A Good Day to Die Hard for the action. A Guilty Pleasure indeed!


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