Crysis 3: WTF?


Thanks to EA and Crytek for coming up with Crysis 3. I was eager to finish this trilogy being a true Crytek fan since day one. So I bought the game and booted it up only to be welcome with this message:

“You need a DX11 capable GPU to play Crysis 3”

EA/Crytek, despite making this game visually orgasmic and shit, take this middle finger for making it a DirectX 11 exclusive. I still feel the original CryEngine had plenty of juice left to churn out sequels, finding the visuals from the very first Crysis still gorgeous and constantly stuck in my head. While Crysis 2 ran butter smooth on my DirectX10 enabled PC, it only baffles me why Crytek made Crysis 3 to be a Dx11 exclusive especially when the former and the latter ran on the same CryEngine 3.

This is just a gimmick to promote those insanely priced next-gen video cards. I certainly don’t intend to buy a new GPU just to run Crysis 3 now. There are better games out there to be played and savoured, not just gape at.

Once again mighty thanks to EA/Crytek, keep your cheap graphical gimmicks with yourself, Call me a whiner but you just made a loather out of a once-true patron!


9 thoughts on “Crysis 3: WTF?

    1. I still haven’t played Crysis 3 yet, no way am I gonna invest on a GPU just for this game. Agreed, my gaming experience would be way better with a new GPU but I don’t find Crysis 3 a reason enough to upgrade!

  1. man fuck this shit it happens to me too…look friends I’m gonna search something on the internet and if I fix the problem I’ll let y’all know…

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