Seven Psychopaths: What I Thought!


I was never a fan of Martin Mcdonagh, atleast not when I watched In Bruges way back in 2008. Though after Seven Psychoapths I think In Bruges deserves to be seen once more. And I might as well give it a second chance especially when I am wondering why it ended up with a score of 8.0 on IMDB.

Seven Psychopaths is a goofy tale about ‘seven psychopaths’ with an all star cast of Colin Farell, Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harellson, Olga Kurylenko, & Abbie Cornish. Believe me this is one quirky movie, it takes everything light; be it a story about a serial killer on the loose or a pissed off gangster who is hellbent on popping a head just because he thinks they stole his beloved Shih Tzu. Even the movie’s title has ‘kinky’ written all over it. If you don’t believe me then the very-Tarantino-esque initial sequence, with Michael Pitt and Michael Stuhlbarg discussing about taking a bullet through the eye and ending up exactly like the aforesaid, is proof enough.

All of them sports a spectacular performance. While Walken immixes his role with equal amounts of humor and desolation and Harellson, usually known for the eccentricity he portrays in his roles adds a very intimidating angle to it playing the remorseless and lunatic Charlie. Sam Rockwell outdid himself here playing both nuts and ingenuousness. If you haven’t seen his magnanimously solitary performance in Duncan Jones’ Moon its high-time that you do. Of the lot I found Farell strictly playing his usual self. Unfortunately Olga & Abbie was served just for sheer viewing pleasure.

A movie within a movie is never a new concept, while Seven Psychopaths doesn’t add anything novel to the idea, it offers something fresh and it definitely is entertaining and as far a movie is considered that’s exactly what it should be doing. In short, despite its quirkiness and dark humor I loved Seven Psychopaths.


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