DmC Devil May Cry: What I Thought!


The Devil May Cry franchise had been one of Capcom’s very prized possessions. And thank goodness Capcom never tried to never milked its cow, dry. I was a die hard fan of the slick action and very stylized combos since the very first Devil May Cry. Dante was considered to the epitome of coolness and awesomeness. I was not particularly a fan of its 4th outing starring a Dante clone by name Nero. It kinda put me off and neither did it ever do anything revolutionary to the franchise other than the visuals and being tough as nails.Fast forward to 2013, Ninja Theory a UK based game developer tried its hands at a Devil May Cry reboot. Having previously developed ‘Heavenly Sword’ and ‘Enslaved’, both, despite having its own USP never failed to garner that much attention. Enter DmC, Devil May Cry fans all over the world held their breath laying as they laid their eyes upon an adolescent, punk-looking, soot-black haired Dante in the previews. This was not the Dante we’d known and had slaying demons with.

A revamped Dante, having put off many gamers initially, did a superb job. So don’t be shy to pick this up. At its core the Devil May Cry franchise had been always about Dante & his brother Vergil and DmC is no different. Being a reboot it tells you the origins of both Dante and Vergil (There was this sequence when the story unfolds via exquisitely rendered graffiti). And this time Dante is not half demon, he is a Nephilim, an offspring of an angel and a demon. Retaining the same level of bad-assery, punk and style, the new Dante is a force to reckon with and at most times innocent and with a heart made of gold. Hats off to Tim Phillips on whom Dante was modeled and mo-capped on. Along came a solid plot to drive us forward literally ploughing through hordes of demons. And talk about Demons you do have a good variety of em to slay. But the real stunner is the gameworld; Dante gets dragged to Limbo to face off against these demons and the limbo is nothing short of stunning; the contemporary world twists and turns in ways unimaginable to form its own distorted world of the limbo. DmC promises some immensely rich visuals. Its one thing to design a level and its another to convert it into something that resembles limbo. Unreal Engine FTW.

DmC has an awesome arsenal to boot. You are emblazoned with Rebellion and Dante’s ‘girls’ the Ebony and Ivory and in addition you get 2 angelic weapons – an Osiris scythe and shuriken like Aquila and 2 demonic weapons Arbiter axe and Eryx gauntlets plus 2 ranged weapons, read GUNS…The Revenant and the oddly named Kablooey. The weapon choices strike a brilliant combination and even the demons come in way that some of em could be only killed either one of the angelic or demonic weapons.  DmC like its predecessors have some brilliant combos. Tough to master as usual but to easy on the casual gamer as well. I played it, obviously, on the PC and it beckons to be played with a gamepad. The keyboard and mouse duo, though better mapped, wont just do justice when it comes to getting that ‘Sensational’ combo. And talking about sensational, Combichrist and Noisia’s soundtrack makes it a pleasure chopping limbs off all those demons. ‘Never Surrender’ had been ringing in my ears 24/7 eversince.

Though this HELL-OF-A good ride aint without its cons. It uses the Unreal Engine and I noticed there were texture popping issues. Its just a minor glitch that never hampers with the experience but nonetheless a glitch is a glitch. Boss Fights are your usual fare: find their weaknesses and  patterns and kill em. Cant get anymore formulaic than that. Add to that the shamelessly easy final boss fight towards the end. Its nothing more than accentuated set-pieces with gorgeous visuals and gruesome monster designs. Enjoyable? YES! Does it do anything to set itself apart from other action-adventures out there? NO!

DmC, aint as tough as its predecessors and its appealing and accessible to casual gamers, it guarantees stylish action throughout its fast paced campaign. I was among them who shouted at the utter disgraceful look Ninja Theory had made Dante adorn. But having played through, all suspicions aside, the new reboot entitled DmC is more than worth a look. Its one of the best action games this season.

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