Upside Down: What I Thought!


Personally I like anything novel/fresh in a movie so watching the ‘Upside Down’ preview had me captivated. It’s a pretty cool concept and would have made a great sci-fi scenario. But they decided to make a love story than an action thriller outta the concept and I was like “Ah well, lets see how this goes”. So I strapped on my gravity belt and leaped into the twin worlds of Upside Down.

The moment you step into ‘Upside Down’ you’ll be blown away by its extravagant visuals. They’ve made it so believable with beautiful matte paintings and CG architecture. Had it been on the big screen i would have loved it even more but it’s nonetheless impressive on the small screen. The movie started off with the narrator, a tried and tested formula, narrating as if it was a fairytale. You are introduced to the main leads and the opposite worlds they live in, each with their own gravity. Had it been treated as a fairytale it would have appealed to myriad of audiences but it tries too hard to be a sci-fi epic and there lies the first flaw. It’s just a love story based in a sci-fi world. The movie has tons of plotholes, if you start thinking, and its unforgivable for a sci-fi movie. There were issues with the storytelling too, the 3rd act felt like more like a hurry, making way for a hasty finale. The pacing, even though fair for a love story, never had the essential feel to it neither did it instill emotions needed for a romance flick. You’d end up never bothering or sympathising for these two love birds winding up together. Scenes were with characters from both worlds conversing ‘inverse-face-to-face’ were a bit ‘disorienting’. Even the action and chase sequences kept changing perspectives which is a severe blow on continuity. It had its fair share of humor too, there was this particular scene in the loo which made me ROFL. There were some stunning moments indeed and some that would make you go ‘awe’ but its sad they didn’t utilize these two worlds’ vast possibilities.

I was fresh outta Jim Sturges’ performance from ‘Cloud Atlas’ and he displayed a similar charisma here too. Kirsten Dunst was ho hum…nothing you’ve never seen in Spider-man or Crazy/Beautiful.

‘Upside Down’ could have much much better if the director invested a little bit more time in the characters and the storytelling. The mildly amusing score didn’t help either to immerse you in the world and I, for one, really really wanted to get submerged in the awesomely created upside down worlds. For those of you who got bedazzled by the previews, watch this one keeping your hopes low, stop questioning the physics and plausibility of the 2 worlds, get soaked in the mesmerizing visuals. Better still wait for it to get released at a cinema near you. As long as it’s not in 3D I would go again for it at the big screens.


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