Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 3D: What I Thought!


Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters is the modern day retelling of the classic Hansel and Gretel fairytale. While the original was a very dark fairytale in itself, this movie version retains the darkness with a bit of humor sprinkled over the top. Tommy Wirkola known for ‘Dead Snow’ brings us this cheesy-yet-entertaining flick. And believe me these are not the same witches you’ve seen in those Harry Potter movies.

Starring Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton in the lead roles of Hansel and Gretel, I felt they couldn’t pull a sister-brother act. Maybe its because they didn’t have much to do rather than kick some witch ass. Having victims of a witch encounter as kids themselves, these duo, armed to the teeth, wrecks havoc hunting and killing witches in a plethora of ways. The duo have a back story ofcourse and gives the story some substance. But its a no-brainer considering the plot twists are predictable. Just switch off your brain and enjoy the action, this was never meant to even remotely tease your gray matter.

Jeremy felt very comfortable with his role having nothing much to do than keep a straight face while uttering one liners and go guns blazing. I still cant over the fact that Jeremy resembles ‘The Grumpy Cat‘, thanks to 9GAG! Gemma on the other hand looked ravishing as ever, visuals of ‘Disappearance of Alice Creed’ kept popping in my head when I saw her in those outfits. She had a wee bit more character than Jeremy but nothing commendable. Famke Jansen, albeit her abysmal performance in Taken 2, redeemed herself a bit here as Muriel the witch. Its a shame that the very talented Peter Stormare was reduced to maybe 15 minutes of screentime. Ooh and there is Troll in the movie who literally was ‘trolling’ another character from a best selling franchise.

Hansel & Gretel have loads of eye candy and if that wasn’t enough for you Gemma Arterton in a latex suit will delight you for sure. Gratuitous gore was indeed a pleasure to be seen. Though unexpected cusses felt forced, just to give the movie a mature rating. 3D in Hansel & Gretel felt effective; I didn’t say ‘good’, it was just mildly impressive. Plenty of things were thrown in your face.

Hansel & Gretel is predictable from the word go. But where the movie succeeds is that it never takes itself too seriously. Unlike many action thrillers out there *cough* Resident Evil *cough*, Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunter is light at heart. And with plenty of action & humor  it promises a brisk pace. I never felt it slow down anywhere. Its worth a watch and a guilty pleasure to be taken at the movies or on home video.


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