Following last years post ‘The Best OST of 2011‘ and seeing the sheer amount of views it had got, I was itching to write about this years’ splendid soundtracks. And yeah ofcourse these are some of my personal favorites, once again reminding where you are….You are on WHAT I THOUGHT!

So here goes:

The Dark Knight Rises
Purely atmospheric and comprising of some of the best character themes; from Selena Kyle’s THEME to Bane’s ‘De-shey’ CHANT to the iconic Batman theme adapted and altered from Batman Begins & The Dark Knight everything about this epic finale is indeed..EPIC. Blending themes from the previous movies with character themes for both Selena Kyle and Bane, it does induce goosebumps like never before. I remember I went in for the premier of TDKR and the very initial Plane Hijack sequence had me in an adrenaline rush…who’s to thank? Nolan and Zimmer ofcourse.
Hans Zimmer has composed an epitome of a soundtrack. News has it that it just got nominated for Grammy too…so now you know the sheer grandeur its got.
Excerpt:“Hans Zimmer, this time without his collab with James Newton Howard, was a force to reckon with. His compositions staying true to the the spirit of the trilogy. There were beefed up scores from the original as well as fresh takes on the themes. ‘Gothams Reckoning’ was a truly amazing track and most of you will remember it from that explosive TDKR Nokia trailer debut. The drums did most of the part in making you feel like your heart was gonna burst, and some of the lighter tones of music did manage to bring out gasps.”
Must Listen to: RiseGotham’s Reckoning, Mind If I cut In.
Special Mention: The Dark Knight Rises Nokia Trailer Theme


The Avengers
Composed by none other than Alan Silvestri, The Avengers Score is an essential mix of everything integral to a superhero movie. Action, Suspense, Fear, Heroism just like the movie itself. It does have its high and low’s. But the ever-heroic ‘Avengers’ theme smashes it all and is to be considered as one of the best themes ever. The OST which was released as another album had some good vocal tracks too from popular bands.
Excerpt:“The score composed by Alan Silvestri was epic at times and at times a tad bit on the ‘meh’ side. Towards the end the music just provides you with a goosebumps gallore, syncing perfectly orchestrated heroic theme with the ton of action happening on the screen.”
Must Listen to: Avengers Assemble


Cloud Atlas
Another remarkable soundtrack. Cloud Atlas’ score comes from 3 composers, yes THREE and it has all the essentials to become one of the best ever. Tom Tykwer, Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek composes this awe-inspiring compendium of marvelous score. “A seamless blend of classical homages, orchestral film music, and electronic and techno influences mixed in with various international, ethnic and native influences, “Cloud Atlas” is one of the most eclectic soundtracks you will ever come across.” – Examiner.
Excerpt: “Add to that a range of absolutely spellbinding scores that compliments each string of sequences that wraps the package pulling the right strings and keys to touch your emotions. I loved ‘All Boundaries are Conventions’ is a more pleasant track.”

Must Listen to: All Boundaries are Conventions


Ustad Hotel
Its very unlikely that I’d ever feature a soundtrack for an Indian movie but I had to. Its jut that good. Composed by Gopi Sunder, I am still wondering how he came up with a wholesome score for this sweet movie.
Excerpt: “The score was absolutely spellbinding. Take it from the previews itself, its an absolutely pleasantry to the ears. I don’t know how Gopi Sunder did it. Each sequence, each scenario had a distinct feel to it. When Calicut sequences had Islamic/Arabic tunes blended into the score, it quickly shifts to Tamil-esque classical harmonics during the Madhurai scenes. 2 thumbs up for the score.”

Must Listen to: Complete Ustad Score
Resident Evil Retribution

Composed by tomandandy Resident Evil Retribution’s score has some seriously awesome tracks ranging from action to puer ambiance. Made me think the the very mediocre movie didnt deserve such a good score. Nonetheless it saved the movie from a certain disaster too.

Must Listen to: Flying Through The Air

wreckWreck It Ralph
Wreck It Ralph score is composed by Henry Jackman, whom I remember gave us the amazing score for last year’s X-Men First Class. The score aptly matched the film’s setting with the sound of effects of each game. And once the action started it was upto the OST which had some awesome tracks as well featuring Skrillex, Rihanna and all.
Excerpt: “The score by Henry Jackman was pure awesome. He’s turning out to be quite a Hans Zimmer. He’d composed the score for X-Men First Class and it had been one of my favorites from last year. Equally satisfying is the soundtrack featuring excellent tracks by Owl City, Skrillex and Rihanna. My favorite was the ‘Celebration’ track by Kool & Gang. Be sure to check out the soundtrack, its worth it.”
Must Listen to: Wreck-It-Ralph Main Theme, Bug Hunt (Noisia Dubstep Remix) – Skrillex, When Can I see you Again – Owl City,

Being the 23rd James Bond movie and it had to meet generation worth of anticipation in almost every department. And it delivers. Skyfall breaks the usual formulaic route James Bond movies used to take and its score is no different. 
Composed by Thomas Newman, Skyfall’s soundtrack is a mix of spy, espionage and action music. It even gives a wonderful homage to the yesteryears’ Bond movie score. Backed by Adele’s ‘Let the Sky fall’ title track Skyfall movie would be never the same without the new found score by Newman.
Excerpt: “Thomas Newman’s score was pure bliss promising espionage themes at its best. There are some great homages as well that’ll please some Sean Connery fans.”
Must Listen to: Grand Bazaar Istanbul, Adrenaline, Skyfall – Adele, Quartermaster, Breadcrumbs

This Pixar animated motion picture was bashed at the Box Office. But I immensely enjoyed it, at its heart it was a true mother-daughter story and it was accentuated with the score composed by Patrick Doyble and songs my Julie Fowlis. Brave’s OST makes for a wonderful listening experience.
Excerpt: “The thick scottish music blended with thuds and strings of that of pure adventure made me immersed in the already gorgeous visuals.”

Far Cry 3Far-Cry-3-Soundtrack
A pure mix of tribal music immixed with adrenaline pumping music in action sequences. Composed by Brian Tyler, Far Cry 3′s soundtrack is a thoroughly enjoyable one, even when you are not playing it.
Must Listen to: 
Far Cry 3Further

I was surprised when I realized Tv’s ‘Dexter’ composer Daniel Licht had composed for Dishonored. For triple-A game title like Dishonored its only obvious to have Licht as a composer and he has delivered some of the best themes in sync with the game’s visuals. One of the best things in the game was the ambiance and gameplay blending both stealth and action is equal measure leaving your mind blown beyond proportions.
Excerpt: “The music and ambience added plentiful to the already gratifying experience. From the eery ‘Drunken Whaler’ theme to the grim sewer ambience everything rocks.”
Must Listen to: The Drunken Whaler


Assassin’s Creed 361l8XEKeDkL._SL500_AA280_
Invoking true Americanism, AC3’s score has done what it does best with its prequels. Thanks to Lorna Balfe, the compositions screamed a subtle patriotism and epicness blended with Indian music. If you havent listened to the Menu music, do it now!
Must Listen to: Assassins Creed 3 Main Theme, Assassin’s Creed 3 Main Theme Variation, I’m coming home – Skylar Grey
black-ops-2-soundtrackCall of Duty Black Ops 2
Call of Duty Black Ops 2 had everything going for it, a robust single player plot driven campaigh, solid characters and a magnanimous score by none other than Trent Reznor (& Jack Wall). What else would it need to be a blockbuster? I have the main theme in my head the same way I have Hans Zimmer’s score from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ringing in my ears. Driven by pure themes of pure revenge and action, the score from Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is hellbent on invoking the true hero in you.
Must Listen to: Theme from Call of Duty Black Ops II
Spec Ops The LineSpec-Ops-The-Line-Official-Soundtrack
Spec Ops The Line’s mind boggling ending is complemented perfectly by its theme. If you’ve played it, you will know its one of the best mind fucks you’d ever had.
Must Listen to:
coverHalo 4
While I haven’t played Halo 4…yet, though I had immense pleasure listening to its score. Replacing Martin O Donnell, this time by Neil Davidge, it was a welcome change and it did have its freshness, exactly how 343 injected its own novelty in the new Halo 4. Ofcourse I missed Martin’s very Halo-ish themes. But it was a wonderful surprise when I stumbled upon favorites in the Halo 4 OST. Remixes were also included and all in all it was a pleasurable listening.
Must Listen to: Awakening (Gui Boratto Remix)
Game of Thrones Season 2Soundtrack_Season_2
Nobody in the right minds would ever deny that they never enjoy this TV Show. Game of Thrones is built to be a classic. And its main theme composed by Ramin Djawadi is and very well be a true epic for years to come. Though what caught my attention this time is a particular score towards the end of the climactic battle leading onto the season finale. It was a truly an epic moment inducing goosebumps, sending shivers down your spine and whatnot.
Must Listen to: I Will Keep you Safe, Main Theme


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